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Russian T-34/76 (model 1943) - 1:35 Revell

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Russian T-34/76 (model 1943)
1:35 Revell


The T-34 is undoubtedly the most recognised Soviet tank of WWII. The T-34 with its blend of Armour/armament/mobility was a real worry to the German forces when it first appeared on the battlefield in 1941, and it was only with the later Tiger & Panther tanks the Germans would gain superiority over the T-34, although in a numbers game the T-34 would be produced in greater numbers than any German tank.

The T-34/76(model 1943) was not surprisingly produced from 1943 onwards. It had the 76mm gun of earlier tanks but ammunition storage was increased from 77 rounds to 100. A larger fuel capacity would give an extended range. In addition some of the armour was increased from 65mm to 70mm.

The Kit
This is a re-boxing of the new too ICM kit. The kit arrives an Upper & Lower hulls, with 5 additional sprues of parts; and rubber band tracks. Construction starts with the upper hull. The drivers hatch is completed and added to the hull. Also added at this point are the main engine hatch, and the front mounted machine gun blister. The engine intakes are made up and also added to the engine deck. The exhaust are also added to the rear part at this time.


Construction then moves to the lower hull. The drivers and front gunners seats are made up and added into the hull (though there is no other detail present inside). 4 suspension boxes are added to each side of the lower hull. Rear fenders are also added at this point.


Five suspension arms are added to each side of the outside of the lower hull. Mounting points for the front driver, and rear idle wheels are also added at this point. After the lower hull is complete, it and the upper hull can be joined together.


Next is the tedious part of tank construction, the wheels. There are 5 pairs of driver wheels, with the front two and back two seeming to have rubber tyres, the rest do not. Also there are the drive sprockets and idler wheels to construct. The tracks are of the rubber band type and each of these consists of two parts per side. Once the tracks are on various hull fittings are made up and added. There are boxes for the rear, tool boxes for the sides, a roll of camo netting? and various items of recovery equipment to add.



Construction can then move onto the turret. A complete breach and co-axial machine gun are provided for the inside of the turret. These are first made up. The mantle is made up and then attached to the turret. The breach can then be attached to the inside of the mantle, and the main gun to the outside. The hatches and various turret fittings can then be attached. The complete turret can then be mated with the completed hull. Two tow cables are provided if the modeller wishes to use them.


Markings are provided for two tanks.


  • Tank 106, 30th Guards Tank Brigade, Leningrad Front 1943.
  • Tank 17, unknown unit, Stalingrad, Winter 1942/43
This looks to be a well moulded kit and should present no problems to the modeller. It will make up to a good looking T-34. Recommended.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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