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Trumpeter Su-27B Flanker in 1/32nd. scale

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Good morning Britmodeller-land

Here's another one that's taken the edge off my enforced leisure time. I bought this kit at the Tyneside show from models4sale at the knock-down price of £75.

All OOB, no corrections, as I definitely can't afford the Zactomodels correction sets. :).

Painted in a mixture of Tamiya, Lifecolor and Vallejo paints, with a very dilute Humbrol wash to bring out the panel lines and grubby it up a bit.

22670262783_11c7ca6b39_k.jpgTrumpeter 1/32 Su-27 Flanker by simon_rw, on Flickr

Nosewheel went a bit skew-whiff and I can't do a great deal about that as it's all epoxied together (I didn't think superglue would hold the weight of the model).

23189102812_1560755541_k.jpgTop view by simon_rw, on Flickr

Decals were the ones that came with the kit.

23001595500_0204761201_k.jpgEngine view by simon_rw, on Flickr

Engine heat staining was painted with a base of Tamiya gun metal, followed by tinting the paint with clear blue and clear orange. It doesn't really show up very well in the iPad pictures. I could have painted those access hatches a bit better.

Thanks for looking

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