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ESCI 1/72 AV-8A Matador

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Here is my latest build - the little 1/72 ESCI AV-8A Matador. Obviously this kit has now been superceded by the new Airfix offering, but I picked this up at the October Yeovilton show for very little money and decided to go straight in and build it.

In the box it looks lovely, with very fine engraved lines on old fashioned silver-grey styrene. Putting it together is another matter however, and a fair bit of putty was needed due to the very poor fit of the major components. However, once it's together, the shape looks fine. The decals were really tricky with some silvering, and the roundels on the fuselage didn't want to go around the intake contour despite copious amounts of microsol. In the end I had to use a tiny bit of glue to the top and bottom to get them to stay.

I built this OOB apart from adding some little seat belts out of paper and used Humbrol and Xtracolour enamels, with pastel weathering and staining.




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Hello,Techniquest - My compliments to you on a lovely looking build of your 'Matador'.Another fine example of what can be achieved with an older model in the right hands.I always loved the shape of the Mark1 Harrier and she looks resplendent in your chosen scheme.All the best,Paul.

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