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Just finished another project. Polikarpov I-152 (I-15bis) from Special Hobby in 1/48 scale. Building process and more pictures you can see here: https://goo.gl/photos/EWb28Anj2Hx8CUZ77

The model is not for beginners. There were some difficulties, but overall positive experience. The result - one box became less :)












Hope you like it :)

Regards Ivan.

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Just absolutely fantastic job! Beautiful model and same like that them! And whole dio with that little touch-red star badge certainly even more making it better! You mate gave me boost for my polikarpov family.

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Superb finish and weathering make that I-152 totally believable. Clever use of hairspray or salt to differentiate the metal parts from the fabric covered ones!

Great modelling and set-up of the diorama!

My only tiny suggestion would have been to offset the front wheels of the GAZ to impart more 'life' to it.

Top marks for skills and artistry!

Kind regards,


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The kit is actually I-15bis.

Contrary to popular belief, I-152 is not just a fancier synonymum for I-15bis.

Actual I-152 existed only as a prototype. There was a handful of minor changes compared to regular I-15bis. The most visible change were small individual exhausts in holes around the cowling - like on I-153. Normal I-15bis had one large exhaust on each side.

Not your fault of course.

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