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Tamiya 1/35 M4 Sherman 'Early version'


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Hi all, starting another WIP here :)

Kit looks good for its age besides lots of seam joints showing, especially on the wheels and figures.

Box and Sprue pics:



Will be starting quite soon, as I am really keen to get started!

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Progress :)

Machine gun port


Rear plate, I know I still have to sand off the join seams on the air filters :P


Lots of optional parts, such as the one piece transmission cover or 3 piece cover.


Also get option drive sprockets and wheels, sprockets shown here. With the wheels the two options are pressed wheel and spoked wheel; I will be going with the spoked wheel as it has no noticeable seam lines, unlike the former!


All for now.

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Decided to make some aluminium fenders, so that I could dent them more easily. First I cut the top off a soft drink can, then outlined the shape of the part with a permanent marker, and cut it out with some scissors



And there you have it. Here is the gun breech btw:


Advice would be very welcome :)

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Hi folks, another update has arrived :)

Mostly just small things, as I have to wait for some paints to arrive before I do much more.

Top and bottom hull have been stuck together


Put in some cardboard to fill in the gaps above the tracks, pretty rough but does the job :P


My not-so-great figure painting skills are at work here, as you can tell he isn't done at all, need to deaden the shine on his belt and pistol holster, and I will be changing his helmet colour a little.


These are some pretty bad photos of the figure btw...

Turret radio:


And turret so far:


Tracks have taken the paint well. Browning is also quite good, but I don't have a drill bit small enough to drill out the muzzle. Hopefully it's the right colour too! Some help on this would be much appreciated.


All for now.

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Small update.

Airbrushed white interior, and painting radio.


You can see the difference between the two types of wheels here!


Tried to imitate bullet hits as well


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A big update here, I have been busy with the model, but not a whole lot WIP pics, sorry.

All the paint has been airbrushed on now, decals on as well.


Chipped the decals (my first time doing this!) using the point of some tweezers and enamel thinner when needed. Then I sealed them in with a matt varnish.


Washes, chipping and streaking, as well as some tools added.


All that's left now is the figures, some touch up painting, tracks, bags and rope for stowage.

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Finally, another update!! Ran out of tamiya rope for the stowage, so it's about 95% done. Didin't put a huge amount of work into the figures, might do some more eventually. Hoping to fix up the mudguards around the same time too, as the need some touch ups! Other than that, I really like the outcome of this, hopefully an RFI will be made in the next week or so.

Thanks for looking!!


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Some nice paintwork shown here. :)

Just one pointer,

The hatch insides would be the base green colour and not white,

White makes a good target for aircraft ;)


Thanks Dan, will get around to it soon!

Very very nice looking Sherman


Very nice stowage, cheers :winkgrin:

Thanks all :)

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