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Dutch Two-Decker 1665 in 1/22nd scale

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I thought I'd misread 1/22nd scale . Its beyond words. What will it weigh when you've finished ?

Unbelievable workmanship. Well done for making my eyes pop and jaw drop :analintruder:

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Thanks everybody. I haven't got a clue what it will weigh once it's done, but at the moment the hull weighs about 45kg.

In the meantime the planking of the hull has progressed, only some small areas beneath the waterline need to be taken care of. While the hull is still upright I'm hammering wooden treenails into the hull. My sons now are on their School holidays so they can help me:

J4100798a.jpgfoto hochladen

I have finally decided how the paint the hull: with Oils. A tube of Burnt Sienna was mixed with a tube of Van Dyk Brown and this was thinned with turps. I'm pleased with the result:

J4100795a.jpgfoto hochladen

Here are some close-ups. Heavy round- and flat-headed bolts are also being driven into the hull. This was a characteristic feature on Dutch 17th Century warships.

J4100796a.jpgfoto hochladen

J4100797a.jpgfoto hochladen

More soon so stay tuned!



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High time for another update! Here''s what she looks like today:




The lower gun-deck still missing its guns:




I don't do the sculptures myself, I have a pro doing them for me. He's far better at it than I am. They're not cheap though (and they don't look it either):




Shrouds are wormed and served, just like the real ship:




Cannons cast in bronze, still need cleaning up though:




Sculptures are gilded with gold-leaf:




Inside the great cabins:




Thanks for checking in! :)


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A stunning build in every way. Echo Stuart and Crisp on the gun deck picture. Absolutely amazing. I'm sure it will take much time and effort to complete, but it has the makings of a masterpiece!



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Thanks everyone for your kind comments and likes! :) Santa's been here! Yesterday I received the large sculpture that forms the taffrail:




It isn't finished yet but I now have to do some trimming and fillng to fit it to the existing structure, then it'll be off to Berlin again for some fine-carving.


The ship's wheel wasn't invented until around 1704, they only became common around 1710-15. Before then ships were steered by the whipstaff, here's the tiller with the crank to which the whipstaff is attached:




And here the whipstaff:










Here a bronze cannon after cleaning and polishing:




I'm afraid they wouldn't fire! :)


Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for dropping in!




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