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SU-24M Cockpit Set (for Trumpeter 1:48)

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SU-24M Cockpit Set (for Trumpeter)
1:48 NeOmega


This set arrives in NeOmega's diminutive clear clamshell box, and inside are twelve casting blocks containing twenty parts in a mid-grey resin that should be familiar if you have any of their other sets. The detail is superb, with a busy instrument panel, central and side consoles, plus two realistic ejection seats with moulded-in harnesses. Even the overhead canopy rail is included in the set, along with a trio of rams that aren't documented in the set.


NeOmega's sets are well-known for their fit, and from testing some of the parts together, this one is no exception. There should be minimal test fitting needed, and the cockpit tub should fit within the fuselage with no dramas. The tub has the rudder pedals cast-in, although with the control-column bases and the side consoles. A separate centre console, two columns and the rear bulkhead are added along with the massively detailed instrument panel, and the main assembly can be painted and added to the fuselage. The sidewall detail parts are glued to the interior of the fuselage, as shown in the photos on the instruction sheet, which to be fair is a bit on the small side given the likely age and failing sight of the average modeller, although you can see a larger copy online by following the Buy It Now button below.

As usual, NeOmega's attention to detail and fit shows through in a very handsome set that should improve on the kit cockpit immensely. It's also nice to see that they've updated their website with a new front end, which makes spending money so much easier.

Very highly recommended.


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Agree it is a very nice little set. In the one I bought the rear section of the cockpit was warped, but it returned to proper shape quite quickly in hot water. Sign of decent resin. Now just got to save up for the Zip Komplet nose :)

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Wow, that looks *much* more detailed than the Aires offering which doesn't seem to bring as much as usual over the kit offering to justify its price IMHO.

I did spend a fortune on those three Komplekt Zip correction sets already (didn't get the wheel set) so a little (well, not really a little, it's quite pricey :) ) more for this beautiful cockpit might just be justified..

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