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Russian SA-8 Gecko 1:35


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That is my impression that the search radar rotates as Wikipedia states that SA-8 Gecko has an elliptical rotating surveillance antenna mounted on top of the array. Hopefully it can be made to do so without too much rebuilding parts A11 and E9.

Just checked the instructions and I'd presume you're right and the rotating point is on those two parts which need to be cut.

It's pretty strange how there's no rotating option present given the complexity of the kit and the amount of detail.

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I bought a set of Miniarm tyres for the SA-8 Gecko ( B35084 ) and am not very impressed with the set as they wont fit the Trumpeter kit as the rear portion of the tyre set does not match the mating surfaces on the running gear of the Gecko. Nice tyres that don't fit the only recently released kit of the Russian SA-8 Gecko !

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The search radar does rotate, it also folds down for transit as well, The whole turret rotates 360, but only around 225 degrees from the from the center line. The Target Tracking Radar on the front of the turret should move up and down in elevation, while the two Missile Sighting Radars (to the side of the TTR) can be steered in both elevation and Azimuth. I've worked on the two the RAF have and have the Tank Maina one.

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