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Mitsubishi Zero A6M2b Airfix 1:72

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Hi All

Finished this a couple of days ago. Some small modifications: added some wiring to the engine, loop antenna in the cockpit and hydraulic hoses to the undercarriage. Very lightly weathered.

Best wishes, Danyel :)








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Great looking Zero.



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Thanks for the kind words guys. :)

I agree that the panel lines are very dark and said as much in my build thread. Next build I'm aiming for more muted panel line detail (Will buy some white oil to mix with the Payne's Grey).

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Great build. I'm going to make a start on this kit tomorrow. If I can get anywhere near your result I'll be both pleased and amazed. Off to find your WIP thread now. Would you mind if I ask questions as my build progresses?

Once again congrats on a lovely job.

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