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1/144 - Boeing 777-300ER (KLM) - by Revell - expected March 2016

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The March 2016 date supposedly came from the people on the Revell stand, but I think you're right, we can probably expect to wait a little longer than that.

Hopefully, we can finally consign the Minicraft kit to the dustbin of history (with due apologies to any fans of the kit)!


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Yes, last year when they announced it, I was very happy to hear it was the -300ER.

Let's hope they will also do the 757 and the MD-11/DC-10

Apart from that, their Il-76, announced two years ago now, is expected end of 2016, I hope so...

And no news for their Mig-29 too.

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This is really good news, and as I've mentioned elsewhere this is one model release I'm genuinely excited about. Can't say I'm overly fussed about KLM new dolphin colour scheme, but I do like their previous livery.

I think (and have no other evidence to back this up other than their track record and a few comments about the company) that Zvezda will model what Aeroflot fly so perhaps a new 737, A330 to go with their IL86, TU134/154, A320/1, Sukhoi Superjet, B767...you get the idea. So a 757 could be a bit of a none starter unfortunately, but Aeroflot did use the MD-11 so you never know. None of the above explains their 747-8i though. I'd love a nice 757 model but let's enjoy what we've got or coming to us.


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