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Scratch Built Trojan Sport Fishing boat

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Me again

Built this for an old friend who loves his powerboat. Took me a couple of years of hobby time with other projects sandwiched in.

Had to make my own plans from photographs (now available to anyone who wants to try one) and many trips to the boat to take photos and measurements. Hull was shaped from planks of composite decking I got as discarded material from a neighbours deck. All the stainless work was formed from stainless steel welding rods and silver soldered.

For those interested in scale it is 24 inches long but the real thing is 36 feet.

And yes, I did make every one of the aluminum T joints between the rails and uprights.

Hope you like it. MANY pictures of the build are available but I will just post a few of the finished boat.



All four horns really are a different style and length!




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Well you don't have to convince me this is scratch built.

'I take your word for it'.

Fantastic bit of work, you must have had lots of fun working out what to use and how to go about it.

Nice result.

Foxy :coolio:

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Master craftsmanship, superb !!

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Lovely. Always liked those Hatteras (?) hulls.

Thanks Seadog. Actually it's a Trojan design but they all look similar to me. I'm a lifelong sailor myself and only did the powerboat because the owner and I have been pals for over 60 years now. More to the point I've just spent an hour or so looking through your build of Scottish Maid and I'm truly impressed. (Will spend time on your other builds later but my wife is getting anxious as we're supposed to be packing to fly to the Azores today).

Scratch builders are few and far between so I could relate to your problem solving and pleasure at creating something from scraps. I smiled at your comment about looking at something you've already finished and deciding you could do better and start over again. That kind of thinking has kept me working on a steam engine for 10 years now (off and on) and, apart from the boiler, I've remade every part at least twice and often 3 times!

Finally, I am really impressed with how effectively you captured the surface of the sea and its colours ... wonderful carving that and a beautiful, realistic model sailing upon it.

Thanks again.

Got to run


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Wow that is superb thanks for sharing

Thanks, glad you liked it. Spent a while looking at your "Illustrious" build and I think you did an outstanding job on it. Well done. I had a tour of the original Ark Royal in the 40's when my Dad took us to a "Navy Day" at Rosyth when we lived in Dunfermline. Can still remember the thrill as a wee lad of going down to the lower decks on the enormous elevator they moved planes on.



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On 2016-12-10 at 10:00 PM, Dr. Fiat said:

Incredible craftsmanship!  Is the hull waterproof enough for a water shot?  It looks 1:1!!



Hello again Doc ... hope your voice is back.

 Is the hull waterproof?    It probably is but I think the problem would be centre of gravity ... she may just roll over.


As an alternative though I have, by great coincidence, some pics I took of Honey Bear using a free plugin for my photo editing program (PhotoShop Elements) that lets you "immerse" anything/anyone in water!!


I took a bunch of images outside in the sunshine one summer day with the forest behind our house as a backdrop.   These made wonderful subjects for "immersion" pictures.


For example ... here's me "waist deep"!!






Side 3


Pretty effective huh??



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On 2016-12-11 at 2:40 PM, Rob 1 said:

Wow - that's scratch-built? that is awesome work, looks brilliant, what a superb finish; overall and right down to the last detail.


Thanks Rob and Celt.   Glad you like it.   

On 2016-12-11 at 1:16 PM, celt said:



13 hours ago, Jesse1 said:

Very impressive built, you friend must be very, very happy.




Believe me he is ecstatic Jesse!  



I ran out of my usual modeling material (Renshape) but my neighbour was having a new deck built using those new synthetic decking boards you can buy.   It's some kind of composite powder in epoxy I imagine.   Anyway, I thought it might be OK for shaping this model and I "borrowed" a few off-cuts.


Had no plans to build from so took hundreds (and hundreds) of pictures on board with tape measure ...


This sort of stuff ...


MWSnap192 2016-12-13, 14_29_57


Here's just a handful images of the build (about 200 available) ... maybe I should do a full progress build someday if anyone finds this useful enough.


Screwed and glued them together and off I went ...



Loads of Bondo, fillers and scrap materials to get me to the shape.




Getting closer ... order more Bondo!!




Eventually I can start inside ...




Loads of stainless fittings to be hand-made.    Learned a lot about silver soldering doing this one.




This was fun doing all the railings in stainless (welding) rod.    I had to hand make dozens of fittings for the uprights at many different angles.    Still better than trying to solder every one.




More fittings and a tricky one-piece rail that wrapped around the entire bridge deck ... and had to fasten to the window (under the masking tape).   Loved making all the electronics for his bridge.




Home stretch ...





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Just noticed this topic has been refreshed ... thank you Steve.    Maybe not fair to others to do this since there's nothing new to see but I appreciate your enthusiasm.    BTW ... green with envy over your new work space!!


On 10/2/2017 at 3:19 PM, ejboyd5 said:

Fantastic work on the scratch build and the Photoshop app.  Didn't know the latter existed. Thanks for sharing.

EJ ... it's a free plugin from a 3rd party called Flaming Pear.   Just download it and drop it into your "Plugins" folder.   Great fun to use.


On 10/2/2017 at 3:13 PM, Nigel Heath said:

Amazing, I was also very impressed with your steam locomotive. Oh and the TR6.

Thank you Nigel.   The locomotive is once again in a state of disarray as I'm making new all-aluminium wheels for the bogie, cab and tender.   One day I'll (maybe) finish it.




Other Scratch builds ... Lancia D50   Sport Fishing Boat    Half Hull Boats    Flying Scotsman A3     Lola T70 Mk 1     Dragon Sailboat      Mahogany Ferrari    More wooden cars


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