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LUM-168 Camel

Luna Tactical Reconnaissance Machine

Hasegawa 1/20

This was my first and, as yet, only Maschinen Krieger kit, built back in March for an Airfix Model World article, but never published. A very nice kit but a right pain to build as it's so big and the articulated legs can't really hold it's weight.

I'm not that happy with the splinter camo scheme as it's a bit too dark. It went through two earlier schemes and was stripped back to plastic both times as I couldn't decide what direction to go with it. All in all, I was glad to get it done and off the bench.

















The cockpit detail is effectively obscured when it's in place so here's a few shots from the build




Thanks for looking


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Love that. Excellent paint.

I'm a long term Ma.K fan &

have one of these in the stash.

Trouble is my painting skills

aren't a patch on yours, so it

may stay in the stash!

Thanks Pete. I'd been wanting to build one for ages but they were always a bit too expensive. I'm glad I got the chance to do this one and I hope to do some more in the future, maybe the Falke next. You should definitely have a crack at yours mate, there aren't that many Ma.K. builds on Britmodeller and it would be nice to see some more.

Wow that is cool I'm going to see if I can find one thanks for sharing

Great paint job

Thanks Alan. You can get them from Hobbylink Japan, although they'll probably incur duty charges. There aren't that many UK retailers that carry them but Japan Cool have some.


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Thanks, Andy.

I have a few in the stack

but have a lot of fun just

scratchbuilding Ma.k.

I have a fair amount of spare

parts and oddments to use up

in this way. There are/were a

couple of my builds on Britmodeller.

Here's one...


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Thanks guys

Simply stunning, the paint job is exceptional and to think you stripped it back twice! You have the patience of a saint.
Excuse me for my ignorance but how high does it stand?


Thanks John. As it is here, it stands about 7 inches high (and about 8 long). The legs are articulated, and at full extension I'd say it would be about 10-12 inches, but you'd need to glue them or it'll sag down to this hight as the joints aren't that strong


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Being mostly an aircraft modeller, and seeing the title mention Hasegawa and Camel, I thought it was the big Hasegawa Sopwith Camel, but I think that is 1/16th.

I was truly gobsmacked to see this, a form of modelling I never knew existed, and what a beauty, thank you so much for enlightening me.

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