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Scania truck - metal built in 1:25 scale

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I've just stumbled across this post and am truly, truly amazed..... :wow:

I do a small amount of 1/72 quick build AFVs and guns and am in absolute awe at what you've achieved. :gobsmacked:

How long did these take you???? What metal do you use? How do you shape the metal so perfectly?? How, how, how......

Brilliant, simply brilliant!!!


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adt70hk, thank you,
Along the last years, I have been trying to improve the way I make the scale models. Actually, I make steel molds to shape the tinplate. That is how I do it. There is some explanation about it in my website http://oficinaaberta.com.br
TGA, thank you,
You will see more on this in my website or my facebook page. Look for Ivan Gouveia oficinaaberta and you will find it.
richellis, thank you,
I like the classic ones too.
Below are some pictures of the same model. Now, almost finished.




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airea, thank you very much.

It is not that easy, at least for me. To sell kits, all the parts must be perfectly dimensioned so that there will be no trouble when assembling. When the parts are united by myself, I know exactly where to make the adjustments. I hope I can arrange things so that I can make kits of these models available.

Although I am not good in English, I am translating my website. I hope to have an English version of everything I post there from now on.

Here are some more pictures

Scania LK 140


Scania LK 141


Scania L 36


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The kit doesn't have to be perfect to be workable Ivan, that's the beauty of it. Your work is wonderful and I would definitely buy a kit if you put it up for sale ;)

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TGA, thank you very much.

I have sold some of these trucks, but they all were sold assembled, painted and finished. I will be studying the possibility of being able to make kits. There are some fellows in the United States and in Australia that have interest also.

Scania L75


The nest of Scania scale models. All in tinplate. Now I am thinking about some improvements.


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