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Hurricane mkii 1/48, tiffie 1/72 and hampden 1/72


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So chaps! I plan to finish these ones off to clear the bench and my head before starting on some other projects.

First up is a mkii hurricane, this is the hasegawa 1/48 mkii. A while back I did this


This was started to be it's mate up on the boys ceiling but only got as far as this.




I was going to do a SEAC hurricane but as is pal was a malta bird I thought it NEEDS to be a malta hurricane. ... can of worms opened I spoke to a chap who knows a bit about the place and he was very helpful, Mr Tony O'toole, thanks again for everything you gave me.

In the end I decided to go with the classic


There are lots of pictures of this crash landed around and Tony gave me a number of pointers on colours that it could be, but for artistic reasons I am going with the above.

This will be nice and weathered just how I like them!

Next is a tiffie which was started a bit back and did a wip for here


This is where it was left






So I stopped this one for the BofB GB (which I didn't finish, so close but so far) I also topped it as the paint, specifically tamiya's ocean grey. I think it must have been the thinner that I used? But anyhow the finish really needs some work. It will be finished out of the box as ZY-Y.

Last one is a funny one, started as a conversion of an airfix hampden into the torp carrying version, then my nephew was born... another one! I have 28 nieces and nephews. For the last few chaps (I have offered for the girls but supposedly it's not the done thing, even the pink spitfire's troy let me know about! ) this one then turned into a plane for his room with his name on.

It's at this point





No pay load or weaponry on this as supposedly it's not a good look for a kids bed room.... whatever

Nearly finished with this one.

I hope I still have all the bits.... Hmmmm should have checked that first....

Anyway that's where these are at and what I need to finish


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So progress!

Hurricane mkii has legs and has had maskol applied for where I will have heavy chipping, I have over done this so I can paint over some to give a variation of shade and then I can hopefully bleach the aircraft once painted to give the sun drenched lived in look. It also had its first two thin coats of humbrol middle stone, also added the radiator on the bottom




Tidy it up a bit, last coat of middle stone then the undersides to paint, probably Hu aircraft blue (Hu65?) Hopefully have that bit done by end of week


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Cheers Charlie, I normally use 65 for sky blue and 89 of azure. From reference pic's and help and advice for some lovely chaps on here (Tony and troy mainly) the aircraft with the earlier type roundels tend to have the sky blue undersides, and later have the azure.

However, looking at your model it looks a good shout for azure blue, I can only find it in enamel form humbrol so a Tamyia/citadel mix could be a much more house friendly alternative! Cheers for sharing Charlie... I need to get to my LHS


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So a bit of work over the last two night, just adding some a few bits. Cannons, wheels and antenna. I also removed the larger pieces of maskol, I intend to over paint these bits to give some variation in the top coats shade hopefully giving it a very used and sunned look. I also painted the undersides in light aircraft blue, which was an enamel oddly for me as I normally use acrylic paint. Below are the progress shots







So that's where I am at so far... finding this a lot letter work than the three hurricanes is still need to finish from the BofB GB. Once I have had a break I will get back on them


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Cheers Greg, I'm really looking forward to getting this weathered. With my Malta spit I learnt a lot but the kit wasn't the best one for showing off techniques, this one has so really nice fine detail that should really get pulled out.... Well that's the plan anyhow!


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Right then all,

De was applied in what I think is the right pattern but I am sure others know better, then all the chipping was removed



Rather over weathered currently, this will in the most part be painted over so that there is a varied shade and just some of the smaller sharper chipping and wing route will be visible. Once that is done I will post shade to and then panel wash.

But for now here is where she is at, canopy masked and given a good micromesh, the DE didn't go down great kn the one wing so I really need the work but the rest just got a good polish.


The hampden has had some work which I will post up tonight and is pretty much there.


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Hi Rob

Any progress mate ?

Cheers Pat

Yes on the Hampden.... It's finished and in a RFI which I should link to really.

The hurricane has stalled while a finish two mkia spitfires and get my backside round to buying more paint!

The tiffie I think is getting further away! It needs its upper paint stripped as it went shockingly wrong... Will surgical spirit do this??!!!

Cheers for looking in though Pat it's appreciated


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Progress! Sweet progress!

And lots of it!

So first up, I went over the heavy chipping to get the varied effect I wanted.... I then added to that the use of lighter shades of the base DE to get a subtle bleached effect on some panels and then used a darker thinned version of tamiya dessert yellow to give a bleached look to the MS


Very subtle in the pic's


It and the base then got a few light washes of things like sand brown/black to make it look dusty

Following that I then masked the letter codes.... apart from a tidy up it went of with out a hitch! I am learning! All done by eye off a pic of the original after it crashed




This was followed you by transfers and then weathering with pastes and cotton buds for the exhausts and desaturation of the roundels. I also used enamels and white spirit to do oil and gun streaks and wash in the wheel well

So here is where we are! Very very near the end!





Left to do is a tiny bit of chipping on the wing root (oh forgot I masked the walkway panel on the wing root), the rear view mirror, landing and wing tip light as well as pitot and little step thing!?

I am actually really happy with how this is shaping up!


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