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Meteor sheet MPD4801....Guess No 5 and win a free sheet of decals

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What a great venture Jon, I hope it works well for you mate,

I`d like it to be one of the 610 (County of Chester) Sqn silver F.8`s with the black spine, as seen on page 222 of Cold War Shield! WH293/B or WH384/F or even Jas Storrar`s WH506/JAS `The Gaffer' although I don`t think that the latter had the black spine?

There is also the single 54 Sqn F.8 which wore yellow bands containing dark blue lions rampant,....lovely markings! (pg 137 Cold War Shield)

WF705/J from 63 Sqn in silver finish with black/yellow squares repeated on top of the nacelles and wing tips as well as around the roundels (pg 144 as above)

208 Sqn had a few F.8`s including WK949/H wearing grey/green/ PRU Blue camouflage and standard unit bars.



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