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Gladiators - Pheon decals - re-released Eduard/Roden kit - get them while you can

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HI all, just a note to say that the re-released Eduard / Roden boxing will be a perfect foil for some of Pheon's very excellent Gladioli decals - which you're very welcome to purchase through me at Telford on the Pheon stand, or of course via pheondecals.com

Why do I mention this? Because the decals are superb, and if you don't get them now they will soon be gone, because there arent that many sheets left.

Did I mention the FULL stencil set they have? - no, I forgot - well there you go. They have a full stencil set, in english, all readable.


Silvery, sexy and very very British, but enough of me. Grab 'em while you can.


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