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Decals for Fw.190Fs #165 1:72, 1:48 & 1:32


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Decals for Fw.190Fs #165
1:72, 1:48 & 1:32 Eagle Editions


Eagle Editions' new sheet for the Fw.190F is timed for the release of the new Revell kit in 1:32, but is suitable for any other kit of the F, which is the ground-attack variant of the A. The decals arrive in a ziplok bag, and inside is a folded A3+ combined backing card and instruction booklet that gives the modeller a lot of information about the choices available, as well as some nicely done large profiles, top views with scrap views of the underwing crosses, and a stencil placement guide. The aircraft available from the sheet are as follows:

  • "Black 5" W.Nr. Unknown Luftflotte 4 April 1945 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.
  • "Black 2" Werknummer Unknown Luftflotte 4 Fw 190 F-9. Pilot: Unknown.
  • "Green 3" W.Nr. 588717 St.II/SG 2 1945 Milovice, Czechoslovakia Arado built Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.
  • "Red 2" Werknummer Unknown Luftflotte 4 Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.


The sheet is broken down into areas by dotted red lines, with one of each of the four sections for the decals specific to each option, and the reminder covering the national markings and stencils. The Swastikas are printed with their middles removed, and if you want to reinstate them, you must layer another decal containing the balance of the shape on top. It's not the most elegant solution in terms of thickness, but it does allow the modeller to put the outer section in as a representation without breaching any local laws or upsetting anyone.

The decals are printed by Cartograf, so you can be assured that registration, sharpness and colour density is up there with the best, with a thin, closely cropped glossy carrier film.

A very nicely presented, printed and documented set of decals from EagleCals, with considerate touches such as patches of decal material to apply where previous markings had been painted over on the real thing. The stencils will really bring out the detail too.

Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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