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Inherent Resolve, Part 1.


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Hello all,

In light of the recent air operations in the Middle East, I've decided on my build schedule for next year. Most (bar an F-14 or two) will follow the theme of aircraft used in Operation Inherent Resolve, or Operation Shader for my RAF contingent. I'll be splitting the builds into 3 parts, with 3 kits in each.

First up will be a pair of Hasegawa F/A-18s:


F/A-18F will be marked as 166663 of VFA-213 'Black Lions'. After market includes an Aires cockpit salvaged from a damaged previous build, Steel Beach ACS coaming, Steel Beach ECS pipes, Steal Beach FOD covers, Pavla ejection seats and Two Bobs decals.


The real thing: VFA-213

Will be loaded with 5x GBU-38, 2x AIM-9x, 1x AGM-65 and 1x fuel tank. GBU's and maverick will be from the spares.

F/A-18E will be marked as 166776 of VFA-31 'Tomcatters'. This kit was started briefly a while ago so i'd best crack on with it! Aftermarket includes a Wolfpack Design cockpit, Steel Beach ECS pipes, Steal Beach FOD covers and will include Fightertown decals.


The real thing: VFA-31

This will be loaded with 3x GBU-31, 2x GBU-38, 2x AIM-9x and 1x fuel tank.

Third up is a Hasegawa F-4E, marked as a 'Terminator' of the Turkish Air Force:


Aftermarket will include Quickboost seats, Airwaves etch, Wingman Models Elta L-8222 ECM pod, Steel Beach FOD guards and Hi Decal decals. After a bit of a discussion on another of my threads, I'm loading this one with 4x GBU-10, 1x fuel tank and a Pave Spike targeting pod.


For those interested, Parts 2 & 3 of this project will include an F-15E, Tornado GR4, Tornado IDS (Saudi), F-16F, F-16IQ and a Rafale M.

Won't be starting until I clear the B-52 and F-4B off the bench but they shouldn't take much longer.


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Found a couple of good videos of the F/A-18's for reference:

Seem to show only 1x AIM-9x carried and the inner 2 pylons on the E empty. I did see pictures elsewhere of an E model with 3x GBU-31 and 2x GBU-38/54.

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Decided on another 2 jets for this, so here is the list:




F-4E (Turkey)

F-16F (UAE)

Tornado GR4

Tornado IDS (Saudi)

F-16IQ (Iraq)

Rafale M

F-16A (Jordan)

Su-25 (Iraq)

My plan is to do the F/A-18F first then put the next build, then the next and so on, to your vote! Might make it more interesting :lol:


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