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Aero L-29 Delfín, Czech Tiger, AMK 1/48

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Absolutely lovely!!

How was the kit Tomas? I have one on the stash and would also like to do a Czech variant.

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Hello,Tomas - My compliments to you on a splendid looking build of your 'Delfin'.I love the quality of the paint and finishing work and your 'tiger scheme' really looks superb.All the best,Paul.

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the model was on display at the Cheb Model Sow last weekend and I admired it a lot. It is a very nice one. One question: How did you get the code number 2853. Is it home made, or is there a decal sheet for this a/c available?

Thanks, 2853 is sprayed using masks own production.

Sweeeeet! And AMK are bringing us an Albatross in 1/48 too -must be Christmas or sumthin'...?


I am waiting for L-39 for a long time :thumbsup:

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