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First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter - Level 2 Easy Kit


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Star Wars The Force Awakens First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter
Level 2 - Revell Easy Kit


Unless you have been on a deep sea deployment in a nuclear submarine, or the darkest jungles of Peru it's a given that you are probably aware of the upcoming new Star Wars film "The Force Awakens". It is also a given that all the ships/vehicles etc from the film will be delivered in kit form one way or another. The elite of the First Order (the new Empire) Star Fighter pilots have access to various specialised craft, one such of these is this two-seater TIE craft outfitted with enhanced weapons and sensor systems.

The Kit
This is another of the snap-together styrene kits in the Level 2 range, and as such it is more detailed and larger than the lights & sound Level 1 kits (toys) reviewed on Britmodeller recently. It arrives in a bigger box due to the size of the wings. The overall size is 180mm x 230mm. A good touch is the inclusion of a stand for the kit. Clear glazing is provided for both cockpits, though surprisingly no figures to place in the seats.


Construction starts with the inner part of the main pod. The back to back seating is joined together and then installed in the lower pod half. Various consoles are then assembled and added in. The top of the inner pod can then be inserted.


The glazing parts are then added to the insides of the outer pod. The outer pod can then be assembled around the inner pod. The forward firing laser cannons are then attached to the complete pod.


The last stage of construction is the complete both wings and add them to the pod. The wings consist of a main part to which a detail frame is added.



This is a construction toy, and a pretty good one at that, with plenty of external detail to entertain the eye. It's a big kit, so if you're supervising the build you'll need to look out for joints that would benefit from gluing, they'll be a great buy for any kids you know, even the big ones :winkgrin: The inclusion of stand not seen in some of the other kits will make this one easy to display, and should make it stand out. The only negative with the kit is that the parts are not bagged inside and show some sign of rubbing marks. Overall Highly recommended.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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