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Focke-Wulf Ta-154D-2N wt BMW 003C - 05/11 minor update

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Ok this is part two of a new project that I have sort of been hinting about and the base components have been photo bombing. Again I blame Arnold for this rash of “unusual” builds.

Basically this is a “what shall I do with the left-overs” build, but after having a look at what will be involved a far more substantial build than the Arado one. One of the big issues was to the layout of the undercarriage and to where to fit it! With the two engine pods for the BWM’s there is no room for undercarriage. I could have gone with something exotic like a bicycle mains with outriggers but that does suit the look I’m after. But I now have a cunning plan that will be revealed a bit further down.


Ok a bit of a mock-up to see what it will look like, it’s workable and a bit odd. It will be an all metal body so a whole lot of new panel lines will need to be done…oh what fun that’ll be!!!


So first off the wing, this will be the whole wing and engines leftover from the turbo-Prop build. Like the Jumo Arado the wing actually sort of fits the fuselage, which will make stitching this together a lot easier. I’ve cut the Arado’s wing to suit the wing cut out of the 154, this gives me the correct (?) position for the new wing.



I’ll need some packing to get the wing to sit at the right height.


With it all together now (well held together by tape anyway) I can new get a good idea of how she will look. I will use the tail plug for the 154-A2 mod kit. The nose is still quite stubby but I am thinking about extending time a wee bit from behind where the RO sits, maybe enough to have the pilot level or just in front of the intakes.






Plus I will not be using the FuG-220 antenna array, instead I will use the extra resin FuG-240 “dustbin” I had from the Arado P5 build. Seeing this is a Luft46 aircraft it’ll need a more modern radar! I don’t have any photos to show but it is the perfect size an looks amazing!

Ok now for the main gear, after lots of thinking and looking in the spares box I ended up coming back the Arados main gear. With very little moding of the gear bay it fits perfectly! So some quick marking up using the Arado as a guide and one hole later we have it! Looks pretty sweet and are in a similar position to the Arados.



So this is a doable project, a bit more complex than her sister, plus she will have a new resin cockpit. Most of the work will be getting the wings to fit and on, plus re-profiling.

This won’t be a quick project at all, this one will take time but should be lots of fun as well.

TrickyRich Aviation Werks is now in full production mode!! Business logo on the way! :D

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Ooh nice.

Longer nose should look good.

Tailplanes? A bit higher, out

of the efflux from the engines?

(Another challenge for you)

I'd also say more fuel storage.

Outboard droptanks/ wingtip tanks?

Keep them coming!


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Nice, very Nice :devil::devil: :devil:

That is what I call using some leftovers!!!!

Keep the updates comming.


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ok I'm giving this one a bit of a nudge, I haven't forgotten about her, but unfortunately she sort of go bumped by other projects.


That said I still have been doing small bits and pieces on her as time permits. I'll post some photos soon of where she's currently at.


I do hope to get her done by the end of this year as with a couple of other long standing projects....so stay tuned!


Oh I nearly forgot, I've tried the new nose on her and it looks great, it give her a bit more length forward of the wings which she sort of needs. Plus it fits almost perfectly! 


I had played with the idea of lengthening the fuselage forward of the wings, but that's not as easy as it sounds plus it's not going to give her the look I want!


Plus the main gear has been giving me issues. With the current setup I had planned the track would be quite narrow, as in Bf-109 narrow. Not the sort of thing you want with something this big with lots of weight hanging from the wings!!! So I've been looking at some of the modern solutions and may be something like what's fitted to the MiG-23/27 for a really wide track, I may even have an old set somewhere in the spares box! Or may be more like the F-16? There's plenty of space in the fuselage so I have options....just got to find something that grabs my attention and suits the look I after!

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ok a wee update for this build. I have done a bit more to her, namely just tiding up a few bits. The tail and extender are glued together as well as now the parts for the tail surfaces.


I've now changed the radar set to be used on her form the FuG-218 masts fitted to the proytotype aircraft to the FuG-240 Berlin dish in the nose. This gives her a more modern look plus now helps balance the tail, its a look which is now more balanced and suit the period to as well.




I have a few other projects on the go at the same time but the plan is to finish her now with the Arado, completion date early Jan 2018. The hardest part is still the main gear which has given me real grief! But I'm in the process of building something now which I think will look the part. I need to complete that before I can close up the fuselage, once that's done the only really hard part remaining is fairing in the new wing, which is actually quite easy job.

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