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I have a Heller Magister taking up shelf space, however I have a big reluctance to build it OOB because it's hardly inspirational as such...

Option 1: Patrouille De France 1978, could there be a more colourful scheme? Or a more common combination...(tied perhaps with a Red Arrow Hawk)

Option 2: All silver West Germany WS50 19966. Could this be the most boring Heller scheme?

So without buying an AM decal sheet what could I come up with?

1. Put it back on the shelf

2. Build but don't paint/decal

3. Spend more money on decals, and blowing apart the idea of cheap + cheerful.

4. Wiff...

Which do you think won?



Just found an old Matchbox G91Y in deep storage so now I have to wonder what a mix-n-match would result in...

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Bern thinking what to do with my meagre resources and spares.

Haven't got a spare canopy or tail so a single seater or conventional tail are out.

Had a brainwave though...


No major surgery needed - replace rear seat with 'magic box's', mod tip tanks with cameras, add an antenna or two, paint...

Need to decide on operated & scheme...currently looking up Rev/Tam/Hum equivalents for the standard Brit Cream/Red (although the only UK roundels spare appear too large)

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Slight pause and a possible change of plan following a lucky find...

A long forgotten Matchbox Aeritalia G-91Y, almost finished but having seen much better days with a dent or two and desperately needing repainting


If nothing else it can donate it's decals as they appear in good condition


Plus the remaining parts seem to be complete so I can add the wheels and pinch the ordinance. Oddly I don't remember there being 2 canopies...


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If I stick with a drone scheme for both it works out something like:


The US Army evaluated 2x R models so a real starting point. (Various rumours of 4, a T, plus 2xR for the USAF, although the proven 2 are all I need)

Basic background outline:

US Army evaluates G91R but finds it wanting. Reevaluates G91Y and finds it much improved, and importantly quickly available in numbers for the Vietnam CAS role. Orders are placed for an initial 50 F-91s (reused from the earler XF-91 (supposedly to confuse the politicos))

Post Vietnam the survivers are stored but released for remanufacture to drones as the QF-100 numbers drop, and the QF-4 is deemed too expensive in the post-vietnam cutbacks.

The 'Magic Fiats' (look no pilot!) were used by all 3 main services with much success until the final survivers were pensioned off to museums.


...still thinking...

Wings and fuselage are warped so may take more effort than originally planned not helped by very few location pins (none on the wings!).

Also can't decide on markings. The box ones arent suitable - no French roundels in the PdF option, and I can't justify Germany having target drones. The UK option is iffy too as the wing roundels I have are too big for the diminutive wings unless I break the cardinal rule and have them impinging on the moving surfaces...argh!

But at least I have a more firm plan of action for the aurframes thenselves :)

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The Gina is pretty much fixed with regards it's future progress, the Magister still remains troublesome as I feel there will may fit problems to deal with.

When I say may...



Nothing terrible but certainly annoying when added to the lack of pins, much more like a limited run kit than a (used to be) major manufacturer.

Conversely I have given the Gina a once over and am happy enough to start a Wiff-WIP.

So that's 1 out of 2...just the HELLer plastic to go

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