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1:72 Junkers 88A-4 (RoG)

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I remember reading the reviews for RoG's all new Ju88 back in 2011 when it came out. The reason I recall the reviews so clearly simply because they were unanimously positive, I'd go so far as to say 'glowing' every single one of them. Now my usual 'fare' is 1:48 post-war aircraft and 1;24 NASCAR stock cars, and the occasional 1:35 AFV, so a 1:72 WWII medium bomber is a couple of steps outside my normal comfort zone, but over at Modelers Alliance we decided to have a 'Bombers' Campaign/Group Build, so I thought 'why not ?, let's see what all the fuss was about'.

Also, I really like the Luftwaffe desert schemes, and I knew that Kagero provided these decals with their Top Drawings book on the Ju88:


So this morning, I made a start. Without trying to come-off as a total smart-a*se, I'm pretty good with words, always was at school and beyond. That said I simply don't have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to do justice to this kit - and I only unpacked the contents from the box this morning !!

The quality of Revell's moulding is so far beyond anything that I've seen in any scale before today. It is quite simply, astonishing.




This is the result of gluing just seven pieces of the cabin together, the quality here is, in my opinion, breathtaking. I just hope that later-on my painting skills such as they are can do justice to all this fantastic detail. Here's hoping !!

More soon.


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That does look very nice Ian, looking forward to seeing what you do with it :popcorn:

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Check your references for the positions of the exhausts, I've got a feeling that RoG got the inboard and outboard exhausts mixed up in the instructions IIRC.

Duncan B

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