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The Toyota G series of trucks was built in huge numbers by the Japanese with the GB alone amassing 19870 units between 1938 and 1942.

Hasegawa first released this 1/72 version complete with Hucks Starter in 1978. Unfortunately it's noted as 'retired' on their site but it pops up occasionally from the usual 2nd hand suppliers.

I was planning on starting it in a week or two but plans change and out it came ahead of schedule.

So is it worth building?...lets find out..

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Main chasis (top). Plenty of detail


Underside. Ejector marks are visible but it appears they are well placed and I don't see any that will show on completion (unless you plant on picking up or display on a mirror of course!)


Talking of ejection marks...ouch!


But here what the eye will see when closed up. Note the tiny bit of flash on the side panels as that's the only bit I can see anywhere


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All done bar the shouting...

Left off the soft-top but left the supports in place as shown in one pic I found (our of not very many)

Also added a tiny detail to the starter connection as it shouldn't be a plain tip. Otherwise pretty OOB.

Colour scheme is a fairly standard brown/tan. Colour of cab is black although I suspect many were repainted with the chasis colour in the field. Tool boxes are red as there again appears to be variation which although difficult to see in wartime pix is definitely there. A nice contrast to the basic brown theme.

Unable to find rear pix for markings, plates or lights so left it blank for now.

Weathering was kept very light as the black cab and red boxes implies it's not mimicking a heavily utilised machine sulking on dusty forward airfield.




And that's it. I could spruce it up a little with cable supports and rear details bit as I don't have thin enough wire or rear pix it will do for now. For the obsessive detailler you could also replace the starter with plastic rod .


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