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Clumsy camouflaged AT-ST

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You know how clumsy the imperial soldiers are. Their shooting ability should be a good indicator. So their camouflage ability should not be any different.

Tired of that long lasting resistance in dirty, rainy forests of Endor, this AT-ST driver looks when his shift will end.

Well, this is the story I made later. After seeing 2-3 AT-ST shared in BM (excellent one by Andy, the camo one), I said, I'd never come close to such works with my skills. So I wanted to make something different. And assembling a Bandai SW kit is not very satisfactory (actually it is but it is very easy, me feeling like assembling a Kinder Surprise kit). So to make things harder, I just decided to paint that black box at hipbone. And others part fallowed. Than I said why not to try few weathering. And I overdid it. I wish I knew where to stop ;)

Anyway, I continued with some leaves from J's work which I used for the first time and I'm pretty happy with them.

As you know Bandai plastic tends to crack with some paints etc. and it cracked in few spots after the washes, which became battle scars :)

I liked the colors I used in legs etc. I hate the wash in some points.

And as a last touch of creativity(!?) after hair spray, I used carob powder (something I bought for cooking desserts, one of my other hobbies). It made the job and you know what, it smells good too :D

So here are some pictures:





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