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Hasegawa Toyota Starter Truck

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I discovered one of these in my stash hidden as a freebie inside another kit and thought it might look nice next to my Judy one day. It's all sealed and in good order minus the box so a nice addition to the 'shelf breakers'.

Haswgawa Toyota Starter Truck Gb



(I see once again it's converting pix to urls...pita!)

Obviously not a popular subject (only found 1 BM build pic, although hints of at least 2 more) but I am hoping someone can point to pix, plans etc of the originals.

Google bought up 2 very poor quality pix but little else.

Also see there's a tanker that shows up occasionally. Perhaps a fleabay/market hunt is in order...

At least it will be different to the current fad of RAF WW2 vehicles.

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The Toyota starter truck is for the planes that have a Hucks starter hub to crank the engine by spinning the prop. Since Judy does not have a Hucks hub, you probably don't want to display your starter truck with your Judy. Do you have a Nate, Oscar, Tojo, Nick, Dinah or other army aircraft model to go with it?

In my opinion, the Isuzu fuel truck (another army variant --- it has a star on its grille) is not shaped as accurately as the starter truck. There is a big space betwen the cab and the tank.

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I know it's the wrong truck/plane combination but I hope. To find another in the future and build it minus the starter unit as a flatbed, maybe then they will be incorporated in to a diorama as oppesed to merely being shelf buddies.

I also have 7 other Japanese types in my stash, all lesser known or built types - no A6M. Maybe once I have the second truck I will build one of those as most are a better fit.

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