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Dornier Do-X national register.

Vesa Jussila

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1. Red

2. Black

Which is the opposite to what both Revell (actually seems they may have changed it at some point as I've found r/b & b/b) and Amodel have on their boxes, and Matchbox have Black & Black...

...but Entex agree :)

Got to love multiple makers, multiple boxings not agreeing with each other even if the same mould (and sometimes changing between releases from the same mould & manufacturer!)

(haven't checked wordy stuff yet, only boxes, just thought I would point it out iz all)

Edit: I'm wondering if all combinations could work as long as attached to the correct registration. Shouldn't be too hard to check as only 3 were built.

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Over the past couple of years there has been much discussion about the colors of the DO X on the 'Wings of Peace' Yahoo group.

Agreement is that the Volker A. Behr, Dornier Do X book is nearly correct as to colors. This book contains a short chapter about the colors of the Do X. The author cites a summary written in 1934 by the DO´s flight engineer.

Judging from contemporary photos, the group believes that the book's summary is incorrect on two points, which are...

1. The tailplane remained unpainted at least until the engine change from Siemens Jupiters to Curtiss Conquerors in August 1930.

2. The sponsons and the struts leading from the sponsons to the hull and to the wing apparently remained unpainted until the return to Germany in 1932. (which agrees with schulz_hl thoughts above).

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