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Some people will call me a Traitor for abandoning the sky, others will welcome me to the 'real modelers' fraternity... :) ...but I will build my Itty Bitty Train!

Ok so it's only a Saddle Tank but I'm still holding out on finding a cheap Class 08 or 31 (or maybe others) that remind me of the days of wild abandonment - ie childhood growing up near Bescot.


I lost the front cab wall whilst moving house, fortunately all other pieces appear present. This shouldn't be too much an issue apart as its basically a flat wall, curved top, 2 round window holes and the odds & sods attached to it.

This is where the problems arise as pix seem few and far between. Is there a walkaround anywhere, or even decent internals. So far most pix cover just the upper half with nothing at firebox/floor level.

I would even be happy and very grateful if someone could post pix of the relevant Airfix part for me copy, to which I can then add obvious bits from what little I have found.

It certainly won't be a superdetail job, and I still have to clear a hole for it on the workbench, however by getting started maybe it won't be shelved for lack of 1 part.


Must find a small base and a single length of track. Be nice to have it looking a little less forlorn as I find locos off the rails quite sad :(


Thx in advance.


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