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Your Airfix top (REALISTIC) future releases?


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As a side topic to the 'what should Airfix be making' and the inevitable 'why?' and 'why not' posts that follow can you list your personal wishlists in 3 categories:

Near term - those you feel are likely to come to fruition in a year or two, even if you won't be buying it

Medium term - within say 5 years, and can include those models You want to see that are a faintly realistic proposition.

Long term - when you will be planning a release from your cryogenic chamber.

(note: whilst the long term plans may include unlikely makes or marks, or even a corrected version of a current bestseller please try keep them fairly realistic - I doubt Airfix will be making a Tibetan homemade glider at any point despite the clamouring for one)


Ok I'll start off (and I'll try to keep it as new kits only not rereleases)


Single seat Vamps

P-47 (razor and bubble)

D3A Val (extending the pacific WW2 niche)

Buccaneer (a big UK seller and the old one is aged)

Meteors (including at least 1 each T & NF)

2 seat Lightning (so many fighters, needs a matching trainer)


Whirlwind (the forgotten WW2 fighter)

DH106 Comet (4s please, RAF & Dan Air schemes)

Victor (much demanded to replace the aging Matchbox)

F-4 Phantoms (a European sized hole will persist unless FujiGawa get cheaper, or Revell add to their F)

Panther/Cougar - (expanding the USN theme in to post war)


Vulcan (old mould is creaking)

Wellesley (Forgotten type, fits with a WW2 desert theme)

Gazelle (hard to find, simply needs updating to modern standards)

Wasp/Scout (a missing link so long oop)

Viggan (actually pretry much any Saab as the reborn Heller seen reluctant to mass market, and non-Gripens aren't commonplace)

*I reserve the right to change my mind if I think of new options (and given time I could extend to top 100s!)

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All in 1/48th:


- Supermarine Scimitar F.1

- Hawker Hunter family

- Gloster Meteor NF. variants

- Percival Provost T.Mk.1

- de Havilland DH.89 Dominie/Dragon Rapide

- de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth


- de Havilland Vampire/(Sea)Venom

- Fairey Gannet AS.4/COD.4/T.5 & AEW.3

- Blackburn Firebrand TF.IV/.5

- de Havilland DH.104 Dove/(Sea)Devon

- Supermarine Swift F.2/FR.5

- DHC.1 Chipmunk T.10


- Avro Vulcan B.2

- Beech (200 &350) C-12 (Super) King Air, Huron, Guardtrail, Shadow R.1

- Britten Norman BN2B/T Islander/Defender

- Avro Shackleton MR.2 & AEW.2

- HP Victor K.2

- Bristol Brigand B.1/T.4

- Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune


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Very Dull and predictable but I would like in 1/72

Fairey Battle, Bristol Beaufort, Westland Lysander, Westland Whirlwind, Spitfire Vc and a Handley Page Hampden please.

The only justification in these wants are that they are what I would like in my collection and they pretty much have all been done by Airfix in the past with the exception of the Beaufort which does go with the current Bristol theme and I would love to see a mainstream kit of it.

I live in hope!



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All new molds please of the following


1. 1/72 Beaufort

4. 1/48 Blenheim

3. 1/72 Spitfire VB

4. 1/72 Hampden

5. 1/72 New Douglas Havoc


1/72 Wellington

1/72 Battle

1/72 Vulcan

1/48 Buccaneer repalce the aged one.

1/72 C130 Hercules

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Yes - time to area again!

Near, very near, very very near choices



I've said before on another thread that these would be big sellers in the UK, they fit into the Airfix remit of classic British jets and with their self admitted success with anniversary releases we could well see both in Jamuary being 25 years of the Golf War and all!!

Longer term,

They can't go on forever avoiding a Vulcan retool

VC-10 if they dare

British Phantoms have got to be done surely

HS Andover in plastic as I'm too scared to pay the money for a resin one only to mess it up.

C-130 (yawn, yawn)

Canberra T17

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Near term P47 both types 1/72

P38 1/72

Chipmunk 1/48

Wessex 1/72

Sea Vixen 1/72


Venom 1/48

Challenger 1/48

Hunter 1/72

Meteor NF 1/48

Gazelle 1/48


Buccaneer 1/48

Vc-10 1/72

Winston Churchill 1/12

Jfk 1/12

Puma 1/48

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All 1:72 unless noted otherwise! It would be good to see Airfix shrink some things as well as the bigger scales.

Near term -

Fairey Battle

Handley Page Hampden (both previously produced by Airfix and follow the WWII trend for mid-sized planes)

Meteors (shrunk from 1:48 scale)

P-40E or later (They've done the A-C, E plus is natural progression)

1/144 Boeing 707 (again, update plus plenty of schemes and also the option of E-3, E-8, KC-135)

Medium term -

Westland Whirlwind Plane not Chopper! (Previous model, plus a replica is being built!)

Westland Wessex (Would depend on how well the Sea King does I'd imagine)

Westland Lynx (Plenty around, soon to be retired, Lots of British interest)

®F-5 A-E (Lots of options, plenty of schemes, previous model)

1:144 or 1:72 B-24 (Previous model, lots of options, Revell show that you can duplicate on size!)

Long term -

Vulcan (Maybe earlier? Take advantage at the loss of XH588)

Buccaneer (Though Tanmodel? are apparently making one)

Hunter (Revell seem to be unwilling to do any more but there's plenty of options!)

F-4 (options for UK, US, German version)

Mirage family (The RV ones apparently have a few shape issues but the options are immense, III, 5, Kfir, Nesher, Cheetah...)

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For me...


1/72nd Hunter T.7

1/72nd Canberra B.2/6

1/72nd Meteor F.8

1/72nd Vampire FB.5/9

1/72nd Lightning F.1/3


1/72nd Javelin

1/72nd Sea Vixen

1/72nd Venom FB.1/4

1/48th Hunter T.7

1/48th Tempest


1/48th Hart series

1/48th Hunter F.4

1/72nd Fairey Firefly

1/72nd Hawker Seahawk

1/72nd Mosquito Twin-Stage

Those are just the British options, I could start another list for other nationalities...

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Near - boring but unfortunately well-selling:

new Ju-88,

new metal wing Hurricane,

new Bf-109 G/K,

new Spitfires V/IX

new B-24?

Medium - will definitely be out, maybe in 2-4 years and I really want those:

!!!!! - Venom


Canberra B.2

Javelin (should downsize at least something)

Battle/Hampden/Wellington/Lysander - definitely more early WWII types are going to appear soon!!!!!!

Long - will never get issued but I still hope:

new F-86 in different versions and with correct shape and wings

Scout/Wasp and any other unique British helicopter designs

NEW-NEW TOOLING early Spitfire Mk.I with Wildcat-style panel lines

Meteor NF - Airfix will downsize their F.8 and forget about NF version... as usual...

Mirage III - so important aircraft and ignored by key manufacturers...

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Near term:

-Improve what's there now - improve quality of product and improve quality control before focusing on development. More marking options as a standard.

Medium term:


-1/72 Buccaneer - Because interesting for UK and European market -Buccs were stationed in Germany after all, and used by SAAF. Furthermore easy to tie in a social media campaign with the release showing cool Bucc takeoffs etc. Maybe two boxings, one FAA and one RAF/ SAAF.

-1/72 Mirage IIIE/ IIIO/ 5, because interesting for European market (French, Belgian, Spanish and Swiss decals), and for Aussie, South East Asia and UK markets (RAAF decals, including RAAF Butterworth examples). If Airfix wants to attract US market, introduce Latin American boxing (ie. Brazil, Venezuela etc)

-1/72 and 1/48 Hawker Hunter T.7 - strong UK and European interest - introduce lots of markings options to appeal to as many as possible regions.

-1/72 Canberra series, including updated version of the previously done B(I)8 and PR9, but most important is B.2 and T.17.

Long term:

-Work together with media more - introduce tie-ins.


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Vulcan will take a 1/72



Comet as above Dan Air / RAF

Bac-1-11 British Caledonian / RAF



All new tool of coarse !!!

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1. Buccaneer

2. Buccaneer

3. Buccaneer

4. Buccaneer

5. Buccaneer

I'd also take a 1/72 Javelin and Sea Vixen. Gannet in any scale. FAA Phantom in any scale. And maybe something off the wall like a Fairey Rotodyne or Delta 2.

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I imagine we'll be seeing 1/72 Venoms and Sea Venoms in the next few years.

They've dropped hints every now and again of intent to downscale their 1/48 Sea Vixen. If that comes to pass, a Venom would be appropriate to fill out the "family tree" of DeHavilland twin boomers.

Being as how Airfix saw fit to give us a 1/72 Swift, a Venom would look good alongside it. I finished reading Nigel Walpole's "Swift Justice" not that long ago and the Venom gets some mention asa type that could often be found sharing the ramp with the Swift.

Some quite distinguished units have used it over the years, so it really would be one of those "must have" items for anyone making a historical line up of a particular unit.

Most importantly, Venom kits are quite thin on the ground. Outside of expensive resin kits and hard to find Aeroclub kits, there is nothing.

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Rather than in terms of near, mid and long term, here's my wishlist of stuff I'd love to have Airfix do and I would most certainly buy, (all in 1/72), in a list I call:

"Yes Airfix, it would be lovely if you'd do these, if your bean counters would agree with me..."

Most likely:

1) Blackburn Buccanneer

2) Hawker Hunter

3) Gloster Javelin

4) Dassault Mirage III/V series

5) Westland Lynx

Somewhat likely:

1) BAC Strikemaster

2) Scottish Aviation Provost (just because my dad flew one)

3) Britten-Norman Defender

4) deHavilland Sea Vixen

5) Supermarine Scimitar

Not bloody likely, and the bean counters are laughing themselves silly:

1) Avro Vulcan

2) Handley Page Victor

3) Vickers VC.10

4) Boeing C-17 Globemaster

5) Raytheon Sentinel

You'll notice that the "not bloody likely" category consists or larger, or one-off aircraft, and I'm just being realistic here. While I would love to see a kit with Airfix's superb engineering and price point, these five are a much larger financial gamble for them. I would be certainly grateful if they kitted them, but realistically I'd probably be able to justify getting one, maybe two at most.

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