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Messerschmitt Me 262 'Silver Swallow'

Séan Pádraig

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I have had an idea to build this 'What If' for quite a few years now but I never got around to it... however my club voted to make our club display at next years Southernn Expo show a What If theme so there are no excuses not to build it....

My original idea came about while I was modelling and researching aircraft of the Irish Air Corps.... I noticed that the IAC allocate a simple code for each of their aircraft with each new batch issued the next available number...

Twelve Hawker Hurricane mk.I's were ordered for the Irish Army Air Corps in 1940 but were not delivered due to a wartime embargo imposed by the British Government. Eleven Hurricane Is were eventually delivered to the Air Corps, from surplus R.A.F. stocks, between July 1943 and March 1944.

The Hurricane mk.I's were the first monoplane fighter aircraft to enter service with the Air Corps and was also the first aircraft capable of reaching 300 m.p.h. in level flight. These aircraft were issued with the serial no.'s 103 to 114 but the serial no.113 was never allocated.

What If.... in the final days of the war in Europe a lone Me 262 made it to neutral Eire where it was pressed into service with the Irish Air Corps... the new recruit would be issued with the serial 113.

Here is a sketch of that Irish Messerschmitt Me 262 'Schwalbe' in the new post war livery which would later be applied to the IAC Vampires.... Ireland's first Silver Swallow.


So on to the build.... I picked up this 1/48 Monogram kit at this years Expo


Kit is good and bad in equal measure... but on the whole It is fine....




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The kit has the option to open one of the engines and the machine guns in the nose but for the purpose of this build I decided not to display them... also the kit has under wing rockets and two 250kg bombs but again I have opted not to model these...




Moment of truth.... is she a tail sitter.... NO.... phew! but then with a nose full of liquid steel it shouldn't be



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