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Scammel Scarab - The industrial sized Reliant Robin!

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Hands up if you watched Only Fools and Horses, looked at the Trottermobile and thought "i want one".

Well Mr Scammell thought the same...he was just a little early that's all...


The Scammell Scarab is a British 3-wheeled tractor unit produced by the truck manufacturer Scammell between 1948 and 1967. Its name is commonly believed to be derived from the rounded bonnet that resembled the elytra (wing covers) of a Scarab beetle, but the name really comes from a more conventional source, Scammell's idea of the combination of an Arab horse...and the word Scammell. Sca-rab = Scarab...It was extremely popular with British Railways and other companies which made deliveries within built-up areas. The Ministry of Defence also used the Scarab and trailers for predominantly internal transport on large military bases...

And it's the last sentence that allows me to contemplate a less than commonly seen Service Garb for an already less than commonly seen kit. :):)

Roll on the Dapol (ex-Airfix) HO/OO Scammell Scarab...

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OK let get this rolling...

Ye basic olde scrumpled bag


And the plastic within (note many are loose, fortunately it seems all are present and in good shape)IMAG0199_zpscq2xvo3l.jpg

Parts layout - 1x cab, 2x Trailers, 3 Large Ale kegs...I'm suddenly thirsty­čŹ╗


Time to dive in...

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Basic construction is fairly quick and painless even considering it's having to read instructions rather than blindly following pretty pictures


Note the bandage is simple to hold the cab in place for the pic and ease of handling - I haven't hurt it...

It's fits well enough and should glue down fine once complete.

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wow, love the look of the Scarab always thought they were mouse like, I remember the BR delivery ones from my early childhood.

Quite often spend as long looking at the one at Hendon as I do the Lanc :mental:

just need one in 1/24th...that would be good, 1/16th would be better....oh and a Thames Trader!

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Wow that brings back memories the second model I ever built after an Avro 504K, and the first to get finished as intended.

Good start I hope it continues as well.

I'll bet I'm not the only one wanting to see this in HM Service

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I have a few more pix but Photobucket is playing up...

Still need the right paint as I could finish tonight after an exhausting 2 day build...:)

The model lacks a few details, and unfortunately if viewed unhitched would require a complete detailing of the hook & rod trailer connections (no 3rd wheel here).

I'll add a few little bits to add some interest and make a few small changes but nothing dramatic.

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Maddening difficulties of 2 types...

1. Pix are not uploading properly. Will try later.

1. Despite getting various paint refs I have found none locally at either Antics or Hobbycraft. Going to try Tamiya XF-50 Field Blue as a 'holding' colour as it at least looks rather more 'military vehicle' than any other blue I currently have.

Trials and tribulations...:)

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A few quick pix to log progress.

The paint is simply a first coat primer , and its on macro which emphasises any tiny flaw. Flash doesn't help the colour (although the XF-50 is wrong anyway)

Underside of trailer.

Regardless of paint scheme of appears the wheels, axles, springs and front hitch assembly are gloss black.

Added a few small details to make it less 'flat' on the underside, and drilled holes in the forward wheels.



Inside of service vehicles are painted Sky with black (?) seats.

Drilled steering wheel, added mirror, front light and side lights. Couple more details still to add.


Tractor Chassis

Whatever the cab colour it seems with the exception of the tank, air filter and battery box (and exhaust) the rest is gloss black.

Extra supports on the mudguards, twin reg plates (seems a mix between 1 or 2, thought 2 looked better). Trailer hitch was plain slot so I added a facsimile of the hook assembly shown in the pix. (Doesn't change the model connection to the trailer but looks better to my eye). Red brakes were visible on some civi vehicles so I added them as a bit of colour.



Cab & Trailer

Dwarfed by the Tamiya 10ml pots. I suspect the trailer bed would have been painted but like most wood this would have worn back quickly, and anyway the dirty brown gives a nice worn look.


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Build complete...still awaiting the right paint tho. The Field Blue is at least a better military looking shade than the first I tried that was nice and bright...




OOB the area behind the cab is rather bare, and tractor hitch very wrong. I spruced it up a little, added the numberplate and lights and a few 'busying' bits. Also 4 tiny hooks for the hitch as it is a very simple open square otherwise.


Very sad-dog look from head on...weird (also seems I've knocked off the tiny little mirror I built)


So paint and windows...do they still do glazing fluid in Antics? (Typically I forgot the name!)

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