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F-14D Tomcat Hasegawa 1/48.

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How did I miss this one? That really suits your painting style and what a great kit.


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On 11.01.2017 at 11:02 AM, Jasonsamuel said:

 Arcady, just an amazing piece of work, as echoed by others, probably the best F14 ever. Could I please ask what colour grey you used as a base colour, looks spot on. 






Gunze C308 on lower and C307 on upper surfaces. 

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Granted it is nice but it would perhaps be more accurate with a bombcat load out. 


All white C versions of the 54 are pretty much non existent, mainly grey with a white nose (and perhaps sometimes with the odd white warhead/propellant section) and 2000ish of this timeframe of vf 213 may have carried this loads. In 2003/2004 the pheonix was retired, the last tours in 05/06 the squadrons didn't have them at all. Just 9 & 7's if at all any air to air was carried. They are also hanging too far away from the pallets, should be more flush because eduard made the mounts on them for a diorama scene but these would insert into the pallet when fitted. 



Also in terms of attention to details - Wrong gun vent panels used. But the killer is that the inside parts of the exhaust nozzles are sticking out too far, they should be inline with the feathers. Shame of these lovely resin bits. Not sure if thats a manufacturer fault? But aires resin is normally on the ball... Did you not compare to pictures of the real thing? The double slime lights at the waist are a rarity and the chinpod is mixed up - IRST dome should be on the left and a shiny black glass. The pilot doesn’t have three mirrors on a D the centre one is replaced by a handle. Also tail hook would be light grey/dark grey stripes not black and white on a later tps scheme like this. 


Still a tidy build though overall with a good paintjob...

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