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Lancia Rally 1983 Tour de Corse (Updated old build)

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Right ok so as some of you may know I posted a topic in the discussion area about removing old decals as I wanted to update an old build.

Well this is said build.


Built a number of years ago and I've never been happy with the result. For a start this is the Revell boxing of the Hasegawa kit. Now whilst this rebox is better that the other Revell reboxes because it includes the metal antenna and the mudflap material, it is also majorly flawed in that the scheme depicted by the decals is for the 1983 Acropolis rally. 1. is doesn't include the Rothmans rally sponser on the plates and 2. the kit is tarmac spec not gravel.

I was also not happy with my finish on the kit as the decals needed a bit of fettling on the front curves and inevitably tore and I ended up with areas were the white of the body showed through. In an attempt to incorporate this into the model I proceeded to chip away other areas of the decals to suggest stone chips. But I neglected to weather the kit so the effect wasn't great. Plus still it was in tarmac spec with slick tyres and that just wasn't right.

So I've always known I was to eventually strip this kit but I didn't have any interesting decals to update it with. Until recently when I got these:


It's a Jolly Club car for the 1983 Tour de Corse but is interesting for not having the typical Jolly Club green and orange striping.

So I've proceeded to strip down the kit. I used watered down brake fluid to remove the decals and it also peeled the black enamel paint on the window frames. However is didn't touch the Humbrol spray I used on the body lol.


There are a couple of chips in the paint around the front grill but as the plastic is white underneath it isn't noticeable.

I'll also be adding the Hasegawa etch set to the kit seeing as Hannants was selling them at £3.20 and I needed 7 sets pmsl.

I'll also need to convert the kit to Evo1 spec as Hasegawa only tooled the evo2 engine :(

TTFN Ashley.

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Interesting project will be interesting yo follow


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OK so I've managed to get the nose section decaled.



Just the rally plate to go, but first I've got to add the photoetch and clear coat it, then touch up the black air vents.

Interestingly these decals, whilst equally the best I've ever used, they don't include the Lancia badge for the front grill. I think I can rob one from the Revell boxed Stratos as I don't need the decals for that.

Also the main beam headlights that usually have the white Siem cover on are only represented by the black Siem logo. Hence requiring painting of the light itself. Easy enough as one has already fallen out but the other is still in and doesn't want to move lol

TTFN Ashley.

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I've never seen that Jolly Club livery before . As I mentioned in your Peugeot blog , I was at RallyDay and there was an two 037's there , one an ex Safari Rally Works Martini car and a Jolly Club car with the more familiar green and orange stripes . Don't know if it was genuine or a replica though . Looked good though .

Gary .

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The safari car is genuine as Lancia left it in Kenya after the event. Can't remember the year though. It was used in African national events till the engine let go I believe. Before it was brought to the UK and had an engine rebuild.

The Jolly Club car is a replica. Was at Race Retro this year in plain white. Apparently it's for sale lol. I had a look at the engine in it and it's the road/very early rally engine. I.e carburetted.

It was a great replica though. Fooled me till I saw the engine lol.


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I 've seen the Safari car at various events over the years and am always amazed at how small the 037 is and disappointed in how it sounds .

Gary .

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Yeah I think they have the boost turned down. I've heard one running with the boost turned right up and the supercharger whine is eerie lol.

I was disappointed in the replica quattro's that ran on the track. Suppose their budgets didn't stretch to speccing up the engines. They just didn't sound like a quattro should :(lol


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The body is fully decalled save for the side intake pods. will put the Jolly Club decals on those when the etch is painted and added to the fronts of them.





I've gone over the wheel decals with Microsol as they are the old Revell one's. Then I'll clear coat them to seal them finally.


As can be seen I've added the driver/co-driver info plate to the inside of the rear quarter window as the real car would have been.

Also the sun strip is on the windscreen.


I've painted over the driver names on the seats as again they were the old Revell one's and I don't think Markku Alen would have liked having his seat nicked lol

I've left the seat belt decals on and will use my seat belt cheat trick.


Also the photo etch fret is getting it's first coat of paint


And finally because I like to torture myself


There will be an awful lot of Kevlar decal used for this update. however I'm not insane enough to attempt to cover the whole inside of the body with it. I'm just gonna pretend Lancia actually painted the inside of the Rally's

BTW I will try to carry on using the Correct name for this car "Lancia Rally" as this is the make and model used by Lancia on the homologation papers. 037 was the Abarth project code, like 038 was the project code for the Lancia S4 (again delta was only evidenced by the greek letter on the engine cover and wasn't the official name on the homologation papers.

Don't get me started on the Audi S1 pmsl.

TTFN Ashley.

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Ok getting there slowly with this and am enjoying it immensely. Did toy with a multi build idea last week of the other 7 Rally's I have waiting in the stash but as followers of the 206 build will know. Decalling is annoying lol.

Right onto tonights update.

I just had to do something about this:


Hence this lol:


Also the side pods were finished, glued in place, the last decals applied and the body is now clear coated:





The body itself is a bit tatty with marks here and there but I'm thinking of testing out some weathering on it as it already looks rally used lol

The Nose has had the clear coat treatment too:




The lights were masked using PVA glue and peeled off afterward.

The photo etch grills have been fitted and correctly painted via images found on the net.

I've also added the indicators.

The wheels have been clear coated too and the tyres added with new Pirelli logos. Soon to be pledged around the edge to seal them.


The rear grill has been painted, had the lights added and the Pirelli decal applied.


I did try using the etch cut out to paint on the Pirelli script but it didn't work as well as I hoped. So I striped the paint and used the decals provided. I don't think I'll open up the holes in the decal as knowing me I'll ruin it and I don't have a spare.

I'm very proud of the lamp pod:


Especially as the pic doesn't show up the painted repair section along the top of the cover. The cover itself was made using some plastic sheeting as Hasegawa doesn't include it. And yes the lamp pod was used on the Tour de Corse, I have photographic proof as well as a pic of the pod with the cover fitted.

Anyway that's all for tonight. still lots of Kevlar decaling to do before I can start reassembly.

TTFN Ashley.

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That's got to be one of the easiest models to decal you will ever build !!!!!

Nice and simple compared to today's colour schemes . Looking good .

Gary .

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I have to agree there. I know people are scratching there heads as to what to do with the Ford Fiesta schemes as the real cars have matt and gloss sections. One scheme I remember having hexagons of matt clear over a glossy clear.

Another reason older rallying is better lol


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That is really starting to look like a Lancia Rally now

Looking forward to the next installment


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Ok so the amount of Kevlar decaling has be taking it's toll and is slowing the build/rebuild.
Followers of the 206 can attest lol.

Anyway I've decided to have a go at weathering and this is the result:

I've tried to dirty up the drivers side more than the passenger as the drivers feet would be moving around a lot more than the co-driver.

Also I've seen a couple of pics of this very car on the Tour de Corse on Google and the rear end looks to be very dirty.

I've tried to keep the dirt to a minimum on the body as this is a tarmac event after all.

Interested to hear people views on the weathering. Too much or about right?

TTFN Ashley.

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Ok well it's been a couple of weeks so time for an update.

Firstly to anyone interested in the 206. It's on official hold. I've lost interest and the Pony ride has gone to the pile of wishful thinking.

I'll still continue to search for the correct belt material so some day I'll conquer it

However some progress has been made regarding the Lancia.

I finally bit the bullet with the Kevlar decals and jumped in and managed to knock up something that's good lol. Pics later.

Then I fitted the seats and rebuilt the cockpit. Just the cheat trick to go with the belts.

Then I set about converting the engine to Evo1 spec. Again I've cheated as the main difference is the airbox. In reality the supercharger and some piping is different. But seeing as the kit leaves out a lot of parts anyway, even for an Evo2 (no oil catch tank or coolant resevior) I just went with the airbox change.

So this is my interpretation:



Then painted and fitted:



Just a couple of touch ups needed but I think it'll look good through the rear window.

Anyway here is the interior pics as promised:



So as previously mentioned just my seatbelt cheat trick to go and I can refit the body. Then it's just wipers, mirrors and the rest of the etch pieces and she's done.

PS Hasegawa really left a lot out with the kit. As mentioned the engine parts and the limp representation of the rear chassis structure. As well as the known complete inaccuracy of the front end structure and no spare wheel. But in addition I've just realised that these pics show the lack of pedals and interior mirror.

The mind boggles to what Hasegawa were doing when they produced this kit in the early 2000's???

TTFN Ashley

Edited by MetroRacing

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Well I finally got her finished this morning:


More pics in the RFI section here:


Was a fun update to this old build and one I'm actually proud of. As always thanks for looking.

TTNF Ashley

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