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Empire Flying Boat Armed Conversion

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Do you have a spare CMR Empire Flying Boat in your collection?

Then maybe to make it look different to all the others you need one of these.....


if you are in the UK, pester Mr Blackbird for one or order direct from us if elsewhere.

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The version in their catalogue is the RAF conversion. it is extremely unlikely to be ever realised.

They had the RAAF one for quite a while but it has been removed. We have a very close relationship with CMR and they fully approve of our conversion.

Indeed it would look very classy as a pair with a Sunderland.

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Thanks for the info Ed. I've been waiting for the RAF version for an eternity so it's quite disappointing to hear that it's unlikely to see the light of day. I guess the length of time it's been sat as a future release should have given me a big clue about that!

I already have one of your Mariner GR1 conversions and am on the look out for a kit to go with it. It's a quality piece of work & I'm sure the Empire class boat will be equally impressive.

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