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Bf 110G-4: A photo does exist?

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In my mind there is a new project Bf 110G-4
But I have a little problem to find a reference photo for this sub-type. Can someone help me?

The Bf 110G should have a FuG218 V / R, FuG Flensburg and a rear fuselage FuG.

I know the Bf 110G-4 (G9 + AA), unfortunately without Flensburg radar.



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Just to clarify the Flensburg antenna is the one projecting horizontally from the leading edge of the wing - the vertical antenna with twin dipoles inboard of that is the FuG 101 radio altimeter. Where does the side view and the notion of a 110G-4 FuG 218 and FuG 227 Flensburg combination come from?

Schnaufer's 180850 had FuG 218 but not Flensburg. According to Hopp* only a small test batch of 110s were fitted with FuG 218. Pritchard** writes that over 150 models were installed (of various configurations and on different aircraft types) but does not identify a 'V/R' as such describing the different models as FuG 218 R Neptun II R and Neptun III V1. Aders describes a FuG 218 V/R and G/R***.

By the time FuG 218 was being introduced Flensburg should have been operationally redundant unless it had been modified/adapted for another purpose?



* Hopp, George G, Bf 110 G, Monogram Aviation Publications 1986

** Pritchard, David, The Radar War - Germany's Pioneering Achievement 1904-45, Patrick Stephens 1989

*** Aders, Gebhard, History of the German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945, Jane's 1979

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Well, thanks for your reply.

The drawing are from polish publication KAGERO 3016, 3021 and 3024


I think all drawing only fiction, because many mixing of radar antennas has not existing, This is my opinion after a long checking in WWW.

But I found two interesting parts of Bf 110G-4: FuG 218 and FuG 101 (see above)

Also too is very interesting this G-4 Stab NJG4 with FuG 220SN-2c and Flensburg-Antennas;




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1:48 from Revell and also too from Eduard?
My shop in Berlin has a one website with same rollouts from me. The kit is standing there....😎



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