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Airbus A340-300 Lan Airlines Revell 1/144

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Still digging in my collection now I bring you one of our service stars: the A340. They arrived in 2000 and were retired this year from service. 15 years flying to Madrid-Frankfurt, Auckland-Sydney, Los Angeles, a few times to Easter Island-Tahiti and even once to the Falkland Islands. I was lucky enough to fly it for 3 years and I am deeply proud of it. I did try to make her justice as much as I could.

Real aircraft paint matched to Automotive paints, Gio decals, tail hand masked and painted.

Thanks for looking.





Part of the family in scale:


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Managed to catch this one along with A and F in storage at Sanford! Looks like you have managed a nice tribute with that one!



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Beautiful work here too. Very nice to see. You do really have a gift in making these aircraft.

I have always wanted to see Easter Island. Many years ago when I was visiting Santiago, I tried to fit it in, but back then there was one flight a week which pretty much turned around and came straight back to Santiago, so it was a choice of being on the island for 40 minutes, or a full week. Neither worked for me at the time sadly. The Falklands has been another place I've wanted to visit - so your post has really got me looking at maps again.



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An absolutely stunning build Canalguna.

I really think you have made her justice.

Been in CC-CQC in the flight LA800 and LA801 Santiago Auckland...

Was it you in the cockpit?


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I can only thank you for all the encouragement and kind words.

Jazzie, thanks on that one, I knew they were on storage by did not know they being at Sanford, very sad indeed to see these "not-really-old" ones being treated like 707s!

Mike, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is definitely a place to visit. Its like with the pyramids you facing them and wondering how they managed to carve and lift those things. Really impressive. About the Falklands, I am currently flying there with the A320. We are the only airline serving the islands regularly (once a week, on saturdays). I remember the Raf schedules some charter flights and some L-1011 own flights from time to time, via Ascencion Island (correct/update me please if wrong). I definitely want to get to know better the Falklands as well, a one-week plan is mandatory.

Mitchem, that's a nice one! hehe. Glad you like the livery as much as I do, a pity that soon we'll be changing it.

Turbofan, I got them by pure luck. You can't really trust modelalexander on deliveries, which is a real pity as he has great offerings.

Hola Adrian! thanks pal. If you tell me when you flew on the A340 I can check my logbook and let you know (only if the landing was decent enough, which was always tricky on the A340)

Thanks Viking, it is not difficult after all (in case you want to give it a shot with 26decals A320 or F-Decal 787). You have to pay attention to it being simmetrical on both sides only. I find it much harder to mask another airlines low-level horizontal demarcations, like the Lufthansa or British Airways ones.

Thank you for your kind words Gimme Shelter, I never thought I'd have flew a retired/vanishing aircraft so early. Nice livery on the BWIA, but I'd have enough of A340's, soon I'll post another one I built, then I feel I have only energy for a last -600 one, if any, and that's not taking in account my remaining shelf space...

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