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1/32nd Spitfire PRXIX

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I've recently finished converting the classic Hasegawa 1/32nd Spitfire MkV into a PRXIX using the Grey Matter conversion set.

Using the Hasegawa kit as a basis, the nose was cut off just in front on the cockpit and replaced with a resin Griffon; the tail fin and rudder was removed and again replaced with resin; stabilisers and elevators were replaced; the wing was modified by removing the radiator and oil cooler and replacing them with the larger dual resin radiators for the PRXIX; other fairings were also removed from the wing and the raised detail sanded off to remove all traces of the guns and their access panels; the camera ports were cut out and glazed with Krystal Kleer; the kit's original transparencies were replaced with the pressurised set up using the vacform conversion parts; a new resin propeller was added, and finally I scratch-built the intake on the left side of the cowling as this was the only part missing from the conversion set.

I used Xtracolour enamels to finish the model as a post-war PRXIX in the attractive PRU blue and grey scheme. Decals didn't come with the conversion so I made these up from Xtradecal roundel and serial sets.








Although it was quite a complex conversion with a lot of resin, the parts fitted the Hasegawa kit very well and on the whole it was a fairly straightforward job. It makes a long over-due addition to my Spitfire collection.


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Lovely. I'm thinking of doing a PR XIX myself with this conversion; what's the conversion kit like? (In terms of part quality, pouring blocks, crispness of any panel lines, etc)

Many thanks - the conversion kit was very crisp, with finely moulded panel detail. Pouring blocks were small and easy to remove. Just a little light sanding here and there was all that was needed.


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