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Ford Escort RS Cosworth 1993 Monte Carlo Rally

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Well she's finished save for a couple of small details.

WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987216-ford-escort-rs-cosworth-group-a-rally/

Kit was Tamiya's Michelin Pilot version with Shunko decals to build the Monte Carlo 1993 car.

Slight troubles with the decals mainly on the bumper corners but from a distance it looks good. Will weather in the future when those skills have been honed a bit more.

Anywho pics Ahoy:










Thanks for looking and to those that have followed the build. As always comments are always welcome lol

TTFN Ashley.

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I agree in that I always prefer the factory liveries as opposed to private teams or independent liveries.

My exception is the Jolly Club team as until the early 90's they were fully supported and run by the Lancia factory team. After 1993 they became a fully private team and appeared to drop out the WRC to focus on the ERC.

Malcolm Wilson's M Sport team, I.e the Michelin Pilot cars are strange as I don't like or dislike the scheme but am solely interested in building one in the future because M Sport eventually took over full responsibility for Ford's rallying efforts after they disbanded Ford Motorsport in the late 90's


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Finished really well . Ford had at the time the best Group A car , purpose built to win rallies , but I always thought they underachieved with it . Look at what Lancia did with the Delta , a car designed in the ' 80's . By the time Ford decided which company was going to run the cars , the Japanese teams had raised the WRC game . Still a classic though .

Gary .

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Yeah the problem with the Escort is that it came a couple years too late. Launched the same year as the Lancer and Impreza. As well as Toyota getting the st185 celica to run reliably.

Plus all the world class drivers being assigned to other teams didn't help.

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Thanks Alan.

I'm following your build too as it's nice to see the Michelin Pilot scheme being built.

Sometimes the simplest things that can lead to wanting to finish an old build. For me it's reorganising the stash and remembering the reasons for giving in, seeing that it's not as bad as I remembered and wanting to get it done again lol


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