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Muttley the Flying Dog, Monogram 1/48 F-105G.

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Happy to show my first model after joining BM.

This old kit, intended as a quick build for training freehand added airbrush camouflage, surprised me with robust quality plastic resulting in a very smooth build.

Despite the age (1980's) and the raised panel lines I started to like it more and more during the construction period.

The model is build in the colors off the 17th Wild Weasel Squadron based at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, (1970-1974).


Plane no. 291, was nicknamed "Muttley the Flying Dog".

A famous cartoon in that period. Crew chief Bob Wood himself painted the cartoon on the air intakes.

The upper camouflage pattern is created with free hand airbrush.


The transition line to the lower hull is created with help from "Tacky-Gum".


Used paint: Gunze MR Hobby Brown H310, (FS 30219), light green H303, (FS 34102) and dark green H309, (FS 34079). The lower hull in grey H311, (FS 36622) except for the center-line tank. This is a non standard and own creation.

Weathering washes from Flory Models and water paint, (from the kids).

All finished with a layer Revell enamel matt 2.

Metal exhaust painted with HK's "True Metal line Gun Metal Wax", protected by Tamiya's X-19 smoke.


So the plastics turn out to be still fairly competitive with modern kits. The decals are definitely not.

They are not as sharp printed as we used to nowadays.


Little struggling on some spots with silvering effect despite using a base off Alclad Aqua gloss, (ALC600) and "emergency" help from SET and SOL.

So if you thinking about a Monogram F-105 take a look at Revell's one. It is the same plastic but with more modern quality, (and a more extensive) decal sheet.

Kind Regards,











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Hello,Grover27 - Congratulations on the splendid looking build of your 'Thud.' I love the quality of the finish and admire the effort to achieve it.The Forum has been blessed with some fabulous Thunderchiefs recently.Well done.All the best,Paul.

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Thank you all for the kind welcome here.

Top build! Can I ask what paint and colours you used? I'm building a 1/72 Thud for the Vietnam GB and not yet sourced the paint.

Hello DAG058.

Used pre-shading and build up with several thin layers paint. Added in between sometime a drop of white in the cup to create color nuance.

I mentioned the paint numbers in the intro text.

Made a new picture of the paint-cans I used. Success with your Thud.

Kind regards,




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Hey there!

I just wanted to thank you for posting this. My father is that crew chief who painted Muttley on the intake, and I grew up looking at photos of this plane and the crew. When this kit fist came out on the market, I remember my dad buying it, and being quite proud. He never put it together, but still has it. Luckily for me,  my boyfriend just bought me this kit, and I will be assembling it and giving it to my dad for his next birthday. I've always been very proud of my father and his dedication to the people he served with. Since you have this amazing photo posted, I'd love to know if you are in it! or if not, where you found it. Thank you for the great info you shared.  You really did a fantastic job on it!

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