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Lightning F6 Low level 1986

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Hi guys,

This is one I finished last year.

I went for this vertical type composition, which is unusual for me, initially in order to fill a spot on my wall above the fireplace.

I wanted to show one of my favourite aircraft in a setting combining it with some Snowdonia scenery.

I remembered seeing the Lightnings visiting Valley back in the 1980s for their Missile Practice Camps and did wonder if they went low level either during their camps or en-route

from Binbrook. I eventually had this confirmed and so came up with this one.

The rocks on Tryfan used up quite a bit more time than I'd hoped for, but never mind.

It's in oils on canvas (about 3' high) and shows Lightning F6 XS895 of 11 Sqn, piloted by Ian Hollingworth, heading to Valley through the A5 pass in Wales in 1986.


here's a small section to show some more detail.

Cheers, Bob.


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Hi again. Thanks very much for all the kind and generous comments guys.

There were a very few prints made of this painting but I don't think there are any left (will double check that one).

I'm sure I'll do another Lightning soon but I don't think it'll have so many rocks in it next time.

Thinking Phantom FGR2 compositions at the moment.

Cheers and thanks,


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Awesome stuff, Bob. I know that road (and that part of it !) very well having done a 3 year tour at Valley…..after the Lightning days though…shame !

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Excellent work. I do like the background, just enough detail to be interesting but no to overpower the subject. I like the truck on the road to give a sence of scale.


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What a stunning painting,.........excellent detail work and you`ve captured the lines of the Lightning brilliantly,

I hope that it is gracing the wall of a forner Lightning jockey who paid you a decent price for it,



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They certainly did go low level while on MPC at Valley. There was a video made about the Lightning (cant remember which one) with some footage of them flying through the Ogwen. I can remember 4x 5Sqn jets flying up the Dee Valley around 1980 and me getting a rollicking for climbing on the school desk to watch them, three years later I joined the RAF and my first posting was Binbrook.

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Excellent work Bob . I nearly missed this , wondered whether you ever finished it . Glad to see you did and that it came out every bit as stunning as I thought it would back when you showed the start.



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