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Academy 1 48 Messerschmitt Bf109 G6 - Completed!


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Thanks Stix!

... You obviously have a very steady hand!

mmmhh ... I didn't mention how many times I had to repaint the black part inside the gauges and redo the white lines, did I? :banghead::winkgrin:


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Nice work on the cockpit so far Giemme I really like your technique for making the chain on the trim wheel, if you don't mind I'll steal that idea for use on mine.


I certainly don't mind Al, go ahead and steal it! :thumbsup2:


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Thanks Greg! :thumbsup:

Speaking of older simplified kits: I've been looking at various photos of the real AC, focusing on details and .... oh dear, I could go on forever adding scratch built items to this kit and still be far from done ...

...but I'm sooo tempted ... :Tasty::frantic::whistle::unsure:

EDIT: note to self: repeat this mantra: "It's an old, cheap kit. You bought it to practice mottle painting. - It's an old, cheap kit, you bought it ..."


Edited by giemme
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Great work,, me like :-)

Hi swimmer, thanks! :thumbsup:

Here's another small update, been (sparsely) doing some detail painting in the cockpit:

first off a better pic of the IP (daughter's compact camera works!)


Cockpit tub, with more details and a bit of weathering (still more to do)



Rudder pedals: these are very basic, and I should really have drilled holes out of them :banghead: . I'll be adding straps, though:


Seat and trim wheel:


Control stick (sort of):


I wanted to add some more piping to the starboard side:



Port side; the (oversimplified) trim wheel chain has already received a dark wash, but can use more:



I also tried to reproduce the stenciling on top of it by brush (it's molded in the cockpit wall, should be a sort of small placard)

That's it for today, more detail painting (and hopefully getting to button up the fuselage halves) during the WE.

Comments welcome, as usual


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Looks great! Are you adding seat belts too??

Of course I am, you shouldn't even have asked! :lol::D

Jokes apart, I will be adding the seat belts during the WE probably, but I first want to test the pedal straps; I'm using thin metal foil (the one coming from wine bottle caps) instead of my usual Post-it note stripes.

If it holds up any good to bending and gluing, I'll try that for the belts too, otherwise I'll resort to paper.


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Superb cockpit detailing Giemme! It's all looking very impressive.The IP is especially good! Hope the various belts/straps work well using foil.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kind regards,


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I like this one so far. Keep up the good work. Bob H.

Cheers Bob, thanks for commenting - and for joining :thumbsup:

More updates coming on tomorrow, stay tuned! :winkgrin:


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Like the cockpit painting so far G :)

Thanks Steve, more coming on with today's progress report :thumbsup:

I've joined! The flight deck looks great! :goodjob:

Hi HLB, thanks for joining!

giemme you are truly gifted. :jealous: Envious, in the complimentary sense of that word. :goodjob:

Thanks Bigglesof266, you're very kind! :thumbsup:

Nice job so far on an average kit!

Thanks Blitz23, and ditto on the "average kit" :banghead:

So here's WE progress report: more done on the interiors (almost completed, basically). Testing this idea of using foil from wine bottle caps, I cut out out two small stripes and brushed on some Vallejo Grey Primer


Then I glued'em in place and brush painted with Tamiya Deck Tan, followed by a Future coat, a dark wash and a Lifecolor Matt Clear coat (all of that by brush)




Pedals were also glued in place, and the whole tub received a black oil wash


Sidewalls: starboard side first. I've put in place the transparent fuel pipe section, covered the joins with some foil adhesive tape, primed and brush painted - I decided to paint on the fasteners instead of scratch building some because ... well because they'd have been sooo tiny :banghead: (some detail painting in the meantime, as you can see)




Here's after the usual sequence Future coat - black oil wash - Matt Clear coat (and a bit more of drybrushing, Matt White to pick up some edges)



Port side: trim wheel glued in place and again washes and so on



Pedal straps looked good to me, so I decided to use the same method to scratch build the seat straps, plus some thin copper wires for buckles:



Primed again with Vallejo Grey Primer by brush


Glued in place with a few drops of CA and then bent to shape; primer held up pretty well, then the painting sequence was the same as for the pedals



Then the seat was glued to the tub; it is actually a tight fit with the back "rails" (not sure they are rails, but I hope you get the point), so I had to sand the seat corners a bit and only used some PVA glue to secure it in place



Some clean-up and touch-up to do, but the tub is basically completed. Will add the control stick later - and I still need to scratch build the shoulder harness, but I'll add them once the fuselage halves are glued together.

In the middle of all of this, I also carried out some preparation tasks, such as airbrushing spinner and propeller with decanted Tamiya Gloss Aluminium


and airbrushing Model Master Metallizer Burnt Metal on the exhausts, buffing after 30 minutes



That's it for the day, comments and suggestions welcome.


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Real nice work done there! All those small details added really bring the cockpit to life. Especially the scratch built elements. Well done :thumbsup:

+1 from me!

Absolutely superb giemme!

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