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So another of my recent completed builds.

Had this model a couple of year, got it from a car show for about £15ish lol

It needed to be started fairly soon as the decals were very slightly yellowing.

No problems with the build, pretty straight forward.

Pics Ahoy:










I decided to build the Piero Liatti no.4 car as opposed to the more commonly seen Mcrae car.

I empolyed my seat belt cheat trick here and i'll be using it again on the Escort. If anyone cant work it out from the pics you'll have to stay tuned on my build to find out :winkgrin:


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Thanks guys. I have the WRC99 and the WRC98 Safari ones waiting patiently in the stash.

The '99 will be oob but the safari will be a conversion to WRC97 spec as a contrast to the other WRC gc Impreza's lol

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Yes it does. It's actually the air intake for the engine. Or was supposed to be though there were rumours of them being used for something else. Can't remember without looking it up. Basically questions were being asked why the teams still fitted them when the rally stopped using deep water crosses. Therefore no risk of water ingestion into the engine.

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Very nice build, glad to see you did the Liatti scheme too. I've gone for the stereotypical Mcrae Build, look forward to seeing that cosworth when you post it up!

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Funny enough you mentioned Escort. There will be an update on it later tonight. I also have my next couple of builds lined up lol

I hope you plan on posting your Impreza when it's done. Would be nice to see.

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Finally got some shots of it up yes, saw the escort was making good progress!

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