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Subaru Legacy RS 1993 Tour de Corse

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This build started about 2 years ago and after a number of mishaps was shelved until this month when I finally got the motivation to complete it.

The kit came with a set of 555 logos to "correct" the livery to build the New Zealand 1993 car. However the decals weren't completely accurate. So seeing as the original Hasegawa decals were perfect except for the rally plate one, which was yellowed. I decided to build it as the Tour de Corse 1993 car.

I used plain flour as flocking for the seats and applied Kevlar decals to the backs. The seat belts were a first for me and the first mishap was the belt logo decals which broke up whilst threading them through the seats.

The next problem I had was with the Renaissance transkit. It included new suspension and brakes as well as the tarmac wheels and tyres. The problem was that the front brakes were too large to allow the wheels to fit and the rear suspension caused the same with the rear wheels. Finally I had a reaction with the clear coat on the roof and with that it went into the storage pile.

On restarting this kit I dispensed with the renaissance suspension and brakes and just shortened the kit shocks. This solved the wheels fitment issues. I carefully sanded the roof with 2000 wet and dry hoping not to damage the decal and reapplied the clear coat. Second problem solved. However the seatbelt weren't as bad as I remembered but still aren't great. I decided to leave them as is and get the kit finally finished.

Pics Ahoy:











Paint if anyone is interested is Subaru 53C

And the eagle eyed might notice the driver name decals are on the wrong sides. Hasegawa instructions for you lol


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I can almost hear it! i loved the way the legacy was a brute force instrument, in group A pre restrictor changes. Great model you've made and a nice livery, currently trying to build a 98 impreza WRC and its teaching me that saloon car models have some tricky little bits to them!

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Look forward to seeing it! i think i may have mine done next week sometime, just things light the door seals and lamp pod to finish but they seem to be taking me ages!

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I built my Impreza with the lamp pod. Tbh it's the one area I wish I'd spent a little more time on. I didn't bother cleaning up the join line and only gave it one coat of paint so it sticks out lol.
To hell with it I'll upload the pics rather than describe haha.

Link: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987598-subaru-impreza-wrc98-monte-carlo-1998/

The legacy's aren't much bigger than the impreza's actually. Only real difference in length is the boot. I don't think they are as wide which gives the impression of length lol

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