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GTK Boxer FüFz A1 - Revell 1/72


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GTK Boxer FüFz A1

Revell 1:72


The Boxer is a German-Dutch multirole Armoured Fighting Vehicle. It is being produced by the ARTEC GmbH Group (Armoured vehicle Technology). ARTEC is based in Munich and is owned by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, and Rheinmetall in Germany and Rheinmetall Nederland in Holland. The name GTK stands for Geppanzertes Transport Kraftfahzeug which translates to Armoured transport vehicle.

The Boxer is a modular concept AFV where the chassis stays the same and different modules are able to be loaded on the back. Different know configurations are Armoured Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, 120mm mortar carrier, Armoured Command Post, Armoured Ambulance, and Logistics Vehicle. It has also been proposed for development into a wheeled artillery system based on the PzH 2000 Gun System, and a anti aircraft system incorporating both missiles and a MANTIS gun system. The design is based on standardisation across all platforms, with the ability to be maintained easily and efficiently. It has also been designed from the outset to fit into the A400M aircraft.

Protection for the crew is designed around traditional hard steel and modular armour (ceramic mix) which is bolted on. This will allow future developments in armour to be incorporated. The vehicle has been designed to offer top cover from those system designed to penetrate the traditional thinner armour on top of AFVS. Inside the crew sit on suspended seats which offer enhanced mine protection. The vehicle will be fitted with anti thermal, radar and acoustic technology. An additional feature of these APCs is that the driver has a rear mounted camera to enable fast withdrawal if needed.

The German Army plan to acquire 600 units with the Netherlands 400. The inly export order so far has been to Lithuania with 100 on order. German units were deployed during their operations in Afghanistan.

The Kit
The kit represents the Command Vehicle variant of the boxer this being in German Führungsfahzeung or FüFz, the A1 being the modified combat performance model as deployed to Afghanistan. This version acts as a mobile command centre for battlefield situational awareness. he vehicle as you would expect today has a wide range of sensors available and the ability to network with other units. For self protection a FLW200 light weapons station is fitted. This has fully day.night capable optics and is operated by remote control from inside the vehicle. A 12.7mm (.50 cal) heavy machine gun is fitted as well as smoke grenade launchers. Revell previously released this kit as the GTK Boxer GTFz A1 troop transport which was reviewed by us here.


The kit arrives on seven sprues of green plastic. Five of the sprues being used for the base vehicle and two for the Command Vehicle body. Hopefully this means more variants to come from Revell. As this was a new tool last year and this boxing is a re-issue the parts are still crisp and no flash is evident. Like their other wheeled APCs the wheels on this one are split into three parts and eliminate seam clean up.


Construction starts with the main body of the APC. The two inside plates are added to the outside underside part along with the front lower plate and the bulkhead contain the access door from the front to rear compartments. The inside floor to the main compartment is then added. The drivers compartment is then assembled and added to the front of the main hull.


Construction then moves on to the suspension and wheels. Suspension parts are added to all 8 locations on the hull along with the axles to mount the wheels. As expected with a large wheeled APC the suspension is quite intricate and Revell have reproduced this very well. The kit contains suspension arms, the springs, and all linkages. Even though the front 4 wheels steer you can not move any of them in the kit.


Once all of these components are in place the outside main body panels can be added. The front bumper with its lights can then be added. Each wheel consists of three parts, an inside, outer and middle. These are split in the tread pattern and mean no ugly seams for the modeller to clean up; some nice kit engineering from Revell. Next the top plating for the driver area is added. The eight wheels can then also be added. Various item such as mirrors are added at this time though I suspect most modellers will leave these until the end. To finish the main hull off two rear plates are added and the drivers hatch is completed. This can be modelled in an open or shut position.


Now that the main body is complete construction moves to the modular command module for the rear of the vehicle, which slots in just like the real thing. The underside, two sides and two end plates are assembled, finished off with the roof to make the main box. The rear crew entry door does not open and there is no interior in the module. The module is finished off with addition of various cables, aerial mounts, two side plates (which look to be additional armour) and a flashing light (if building the non combat version!). The final addition to the rear compartment is the construction and installation of the FLW200 light weapons station. The command module can then be mounted on the main body.

The decal sheet is very small with minimal national markings, and the striped warning panels. Everything is in register and there should be no problems with the decals. There are two different options supplied.


  • A Germany based vehicle with a Green/Brown/Black camo.
  • A vehicle deployed to Afghanistan with a Green/Sand/Dessert Pink camo/
This looks a great little model. Revell have put a lot of thought into how the kit will go together. It is good to see a mainstream manufacturer bringing us modern armoured vehicles in 1:72 scale. Highly recommended.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.

For further information visit logo-revell-2009.gif

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