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Gloster Gladiator rigging question


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Hello all,

this question may leak into the WWII forum but to me it's more Interwar.

Contemplating making my first biplane and it's a Gloster Gladiator, my question is does this aircraft have the same sort of turnbuckles as you see on WWI biplanes, or do the rigging wire for practical scale purposes just go straight into drilled holes in the wings?

I have tried to get some close up photos of the attachment points and cannot see clearly, they don't look like WWI era turnbuckles but I cannot make out from the photos I can find what the connection is?

By the way the kit I am contemplating is the 1/48th Roden example.

Any guidance gratefully received.


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thanks for the link to the extensive gallery of Gladiator photos Stew, I think from those it looks like in 1/48th scale it's just a case of fixing the rigging directly to the wings, no WWI turnbuckles required then!

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