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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV 1000 Lakes 1997

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Just finished this straight almost oob build of the Hasegawa kit.

Another one from the collection I brought earlier in the year.

Only slight gripe is the crack in the windscreen, was like it when I got it.

Decals are the Cartograf ones supplied and are a lot better than the god awful Cartograf ones found in the Protar delta's thank god. However they don't fit the kit being very slightly too large in some areas and too small in others. Hence some sloppy paint touch ups on the b-pillar and the rear arches.

Anyway pics ahoy:













The row of vent holes atop the rear door windows are taken from Tamiya's Evo V kit as Hasegawa missed these and the boot antenna was another addition seeing as the picture on the box and instruction show it was there on the real car lol


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Nice build, always liked the pre marlboro Mitsubishi livery and it looks great here

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