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My new project! :yahoo:

I know it's not the best kit of a 'Stang, but it's a Mach 1 - one of my favourites - like the one that James Bond drives in 'Diamonds Are Forever'! :coolio:

I plan however to give it my own personal look!

Here we go:



The body:


I've already glued the doors and frontspoiler on.

The rear: Dechromed the tailbumper. Trying out some new taillights (2 transparent sprues glued together and sanded into shape):


And here painted transparent red:


I kind'a like it. Only an idea, but I'm contemplating going with it. :hmmm:

I plan on putting wheels from a '66 GT-40 on it, painting it bright yellow and putting some black stripes on the bonnet (not 'Hood' this is after all Britmodeller! :winkgrin: )

Well, it's a start - it's been a while since the last car: - Lindberg's 1/25 Chrysler Atlantic (converted into a Convertable! :whistle: )


And a 1/25 'Vette from AMT (even more converted - new front, windscreen etc..) :D


So that's it for now - hope to return soon (but no promises - I am- after all - a Slow Builder! :blush: )

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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Hi Roger!

I don't mind at all! :D

In fact I'll do a little update right away!:

It's a motorized kit, so I cut away the part where the electrical motor should be:


I'm not sure the 1:1 Mustang had one of those! :winkgrin:

I glued the front on as well as I plan on painting it the bodycolour as well:


All that's black will be yellow.

I also filed some grooves in the new taillight - gives a certain 'oompf'?! :hmmm:


Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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A wee bit of an update:

I took a look at the underside of the car and found, that I could not accept the cut-out for the electric motor so I scimmed them with some plasticstrips:


Then painted the whole underside black:


..as well as the lower part of the interior:


The reason for this being that the doors don't fit very well with the rest of the interior and this is the laziest way to hide that. :winkgrin:

I'll mask of everything below the windowsills ans spray the inside yellow as well.

My original plan was - and maybe still is? - to paint the whole car yellow with black stripes, but I've been thinking about white stripes instead? Hmm.. :hmmm:

The next thing to do is the painting itself, and while that hardens I'll have plenty of time - a week at last, maybe 14 days to do the interior.

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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Just a small 'update' as I will be using most of my sparetime in the time to come renovating a room for my youngest (14 years!)

My oldest (22 years) has just gotten accepted into Aarhus University and have gotten a flat of her own in the city. My wife and I have been helping setting her up for the last 1½ week, and now we turn our attention to 'her' room in the house. We plan to move the youngest one into that room and make his room and the one his older brother (20 years) 'occupies' into one, so he - the older one' get a larger room.

I know what you're thinking:"No man-cave!" Don't worry, I'll get one in the end (when the 20 year old one moves out! :yahoo:)

But that's not what this update is about. Just to show, that I can also be a serious modeller and nitpicker :coolio: , I've measured the 'Stang and found out that Arii has made a fubar just like the "Eduard Bf-109G-6"! :oops:

Arii says the kit is 1/24, but the measures shows the following:

Lenght: 203mm = 1/23,70

Width: 78,35mm = 1/24,02

Wheelbase: 115,75mm = 1/23,92

It shows that the measurements are all over the place and that the kit is under-overscale!! :yikes:

I don't know if I can live with this! :winkgrin:

(of course I can! :winkgrin: )

Just a bit of fun on this sunny morning here in Aarhus! :thumbsup:

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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AARRRRGGGG!!!!!! :wall:



I must have sprayed too thick a layer of the primer, and it ate it's way into the ceiling!! :wall:

After a respray it looks like this:


Better, but still..... :wall:

Anyway, it's on the ceiling, so it will not be readily seen - If you don't tell, I won't! :rolleyes:

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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Just a quick picture of the first coat of white primer.

Will sand it back and see wether it needs a second coat or if I can proceed to the 'Real' paint! :popcorn:


Cheers :bye:

Hans J

Good to see that your bench is just as cluttered as mine/ours (ouch).

As you said, at least it is the roof and nobody will see it, still a bummer though.


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Paint's on! :yahoo: And it's a disaster! :weep:

Looks good at a distance:


But close up: :oops:


I'm going to sand it back and give it a couple of new coats, but I think it's all down to my lack of experience with gloss colours.

I'm not nervous though - been there, done that, but didn't buy the T-shirt! :winkgrin:

Anyway, progress is slow - still working on the house.

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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Nice Mustang!

The insde of the car I usualy paint when the model is nearly completed with a brush.

No need to worry about paint reacting like it did now.

Good luck with fixing the body!


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