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B-24D Liberator (1:72 Academy) + Matador Tanker (Airfix)

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Here is my latest one I just finished. Built for my brother in law as a present for his 40th birthday. He's obsessed with Warsaw Uprising of '44 so I've decided to make him B-24 Liberator from 1586 Special Duty Flight - a Polish squadron delivering supplies for the fighting Warsaw in August and September '44 from Brindisi, Italy.

Front of the plane is a little inaccurate as the Liberators from that squadron didn't have front guns but I kinda liked this side window and the guns so I've kept them.

Again, some Photoshop work to blend the diorama with the background photo.










Thanks for viewing. Hope you like it (and him too).

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That is some wonderful work on display there. I'm with your brother on this, I think the chapter in Closterman's "Flames in the Sky" describing these supply flights to Warsaw is so powerful & poignant. I've shivers running down my spine just typing this. :)


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