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1/32 - New AOA Decals: USN/USMC A-6 Intruders Pt.2 (Vietnam)


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With too many Vietnam schemes not covered (and the A-6 being personal favorite), AOA couldn't resist releasing another big scale 1/32 A-6 decal sheet. This is a LARGE release, with four full sheets of decals.

Focus is on four squadrons - two of which, VA-165 and VA-196, were tied for the most Vietnam A-6 cruises (5). Another is the last of the four USMC A-6 squadrons in Vietnam, VMA-AW-224 (the three land based USMC squadrons were covered in the first AOA release). And the last is VA-95, which deployed in 1973 and supported Operation End Sweep (mining clean up) along North Vietnam and had some rather large squadron markings.

Many of the schemes covered can be modeled using the single release, although stencils are provided for one full airframe (but more can be purchased separately).

This release covers 16 aircraft, including two A-6B Mod 0 Iron Hands and two KA-6D tankers. Three CAG schemes are also covered - including the never done in any scale "patience my bottom" vulture VMA-224 CAG scheme.

VMA(AW)-224 Bengals:

USS Coral Sea 1971-72 (5 options - 3x A-6A including CAG scheme, 1x A-6B, & 1x KA-6D)

VA-95 Green Lizards:

USS Coral Sea 1973 (2 options - 2x A-6A, including CAG scheme)

VA-165 Boomers - four out of five of their combat cruises covered (final cruise in 72-73 isn't covered, but it resembled scheme used in 71-72):

USS Ranger 1967-68 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Ranger 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A)

USS America 1970 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Constellation 1971-72 (1 option - A-6A CAG scheme)

VA-196 Main Battery - four out of five of their combat cruises covered (first cruise in 67-68 isn't covered, but it resembled scheme used in their second cruise):

USS Constellation 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Ranger 1969-70 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Enterprise 1971-72 (2 options - 1x A-6A & x1 A-6B)

USS Enterprise 1972-73 (1 option - KA-6D)

Price TBD


(Click image for larger view)


32009a.jpg 32009b.jpg

32009c.jpg 32009d.jpg

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