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Revell Germany prices ( in eurozone ) after Hobbico takeover

Thomas V.

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I usually would not start topic in which we talk about internal company policies but last year for me as a RoG retailer has

been more than " interesting ".After many unanswered letters questioning recent changes , public or forum outcry is the last option to avert ( probably lost battle ) what in my opinion will.

result in demise of RoG as a Company that offered best price-quality ratio on the market ( may seem like exaggeration-unfortunately it is not). My business numbers are irrelevant in wider picture of the company, but none the less can show more than worrisome trends.

RoG is No.1 European kit manufacturer with unprecedented retail network that served both the Company and modellers very well enabling Revell to price their products cheaper than competition , and at the same time further spread customer base.

Hobbico takeover has been praised by many-myself included because it gave possibility to many retailers to offer micro RC and

numerous popular franchise products in time when model kits sales are fraction what they used to be decade ago.

Last 10 months RoG prices have risen from 25% to 35%, at the same time halving number of sold kits( central european markets).

Such price hike has last been seen with Hasegawa and Dragon in 2008/9 ( 35-50%) and as a consequence Hasegawa presence is almost none exsistant compared to decade 1998-2008, Dragon never regained poisition it held in AFV market.

Unfortunately RoG seems to go the same route, as a retailer and model collector ( cannot call myself modeller - last built model 6 years ago but last bought model less than 6 days ago ) would not like to see Revell ending like Italeri and some other companies.

Fellow collectors/modelers/enthusiasts etc... its in your hands-are you willing to fork out 30 euros for old and innacurate Monogram kit ( Mi-24 ) that should cost 20 euros, almost the same amount for 1/72 armour etc...etc...,start making some "noise" that is the only way

Revell will start to listen.

Rant and holiday almost over.



P.S. If there is more appropriate sub-forum for this text,would be thankful to moderators to place it there.

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I don't know the figures, but I can agree that the prices are going up a bit steep lately, and the quality of the kits is not what it used to be. A few very nice new kits (like the Fw-190 and the C-54), but I guess this were lauched before the takeover. Right now, I see too many repops of second-class kits, instead of new developments. I fear the good times are over. Which is a shame, as Airfix has got a huge boost after their takeover.


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I'd noticed this here in Austria. A couple of years ago most of the cars were under 20; now they're around 25. That may not seem much, but it's not hard to find second hand kits for around 10+5 postage pn eBay. The price differential has doubled, so I'm now picking my kits up on eBay instead of at the local shop.

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certainly agree that Revell have up to now offered some of the best value for money kits around. Like the previous posters, I have noticed the recent price rises. I am not sure if Tom's message here will have any effect but, perhaps falling sales as a direct result of price rises might?


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